6 Tips to Improve Rubik’s Cube Competition Timings.

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The world record for unscrambling a Rubik’s cube keeps dropping. There are many ways of getting faster and improving your solve time. But, one of the most important steps is to do it in a few moves. But, improving Rubik’s speed cube competition timing is different for every single person. This guide, thus, touches upon some of the most common ways and a few simple tricks that will help improve your speed time effectively.

1. Customize Algorithms:

You must customize each algorithm for your hands. Some of us are right-handed, while some left-handed. Similarly, some may prefer algorithms that use only 2 to 3 faces so that the alternate twisting from the left hand to the right hand avoid.
But, at times it may also seem wise to perform an algorithm with the cube turned upside down or twisted by 180 degrees. This change must make by each individual separately because everyone may have different perspectives towards algorithms and what makes them user-friendly. This might initially need a lot of time investment, but it will reduce an important chunk of your solve time.

2. Finger Shortcuts:

Many speedcubers have also developed special sequences called ‘Shortcuts’ or ‘Marcos’ of 2 to 4 moves. These moves can perform super fast by pushing the faces of the cube with your fingers. These are also called finger tricks. Though there are many guides and tutorials available to learn finger tricks, it is always best to make some of your own so that it comes to you naturally.

rubik's cube algorithms
rubik’s cube algorithms

3. Learn algorithms intuitively:

You must train your brain to categorize the algorithms into elementary actions. By doing this, the implementation of the algorithms would come to you intuitively.
At this stage, you would be thinking more about the next step rather than focusing on the algorithm which is being performed. The movements will come to you subconsciously and naturally.

4. No delays between moves:

Another important step is to cut delays between consecutive algorithms. You should cut the decision time to almost zero. Right after you have scrambled the cube, take some time to observe it in detail.
Decide all the moves that you will make for the first step of your solution in your mind. When you start solving, these should come to you naturally, and you shouldn’t have to think about them.
rubik's cube algorithm
rubik’s cube algorithm
You must understand that it is very difficult to have absolutely no delays at all while you are solving the cube. But if you can keep the delays under 2 seconds, and ensure that you have very few of them, then you are on the right track.

5. Faster twisting does not mean lesser time:

You need to be especially dexterous to be able to solve a cube fast. But, an average person also possesses the necessary dexterity to solve the cube in a really short time. By performing the moves really fast, you deprive yourself of the knowledge of what is actually happening to the cube.
After performing an algorithm, you move into a new position, and then you decide on which move to choose next. If you would have turned the cube a little slower, you could see what is happening to the cube and choose the best move in the last couple of moves of the previous algorithm. It is also very hard to turn the cube really fast, as you can encounter ‘stuck’ cubicles or break the cube into its atoms. This can even slow you down.

6. Prepare your cube:

You would find a lot of recommendations by speed cubers for a variety of different lubricants for the cube. You should be very mindful of your cube before using different lubricants, as some of them can be quite aggressive and speed up the aging process of your cube.
algorithm for rubik's cube
algorithm for Rubik’s cube
Intense twisting causes fine dust to develop inside the cube. Some speedcubers also say that natural lubricant is the best one. But, beware of the fact that applying lubricant to your cube can make it more vulnerable to an accident dismemberment.


The secret of achieving short times is not just the algorithms themselves. After all, only a system cannot solve the cube. The most important factor is having the right dedication and lots of practice. So, what is the best system for speedcubing?
There is no concept of the best system. One system may better fit one person, and another system might be more natural for someone else. The system that works out into perfection is good for you. So, you should not be comparing systems but cubists. Following the few tips shared above will definitely help in improving your solve time and put you on the right path to speedcubing.

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