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Why Samsung refrigerators would be a good choice to buy in 2021?

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Over the years, Samsung has become one of the most trusted brands in India. When it comes to refrigerators, Samsung has always brought innovations in refrigeration technology and is continuing to do so. 

The latest Samsung refrigerators have revolutionized the Indian markets by perfectly blending technology with utility, reliability, and versatility. The ultra-modern Family Hub refrigerator is something that Indian consumers have never witnessed before. So, if you are willing to buy a Samsung refrigerator in 2021, here are a few benefits that Samsung is offering over the other brands.  

Family Hub Refrigerator:

Samsung has always tried to incorporate the latest technologies into its refrigerators. The latest models of Samsung refrigerators comprise a wide range of smart features that are new in the Indian market. The RF28N9780SG/TL model of Samsung gets a 21-inch home screen and an operating system. It can use as a mini-computer. There are three cameras present inside the refrigerator that allows you to see on the home screen what is present inside the fridge even without opening the door.

samsung refrigerators warranty
Samsung refrigerators warranty

Moreover, there is a mobile app for checking the inside of your refrigerator even when you are not at your home. The smart sensors present on the fridge can recommend dishes depending upon the ingredients that are present inside your fridge. It also features Bixby Voice Assistant and AKG premium speakers. You can also use the home screen as a television by casting the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

5-in-1 Convertible Feature:

The new double-door refrigerators of Samsung are equipped with a 5-in-1 convertible feature that makes your refrigerator ideal for all seasons and all types of requirements. There are five different customizable modes.

Normal Mode:

This is the most common mode used in an Indian household, where the upper compartment is used as a freezer, and the bottom compartment is for normal refrigeration.

Extra Fridge Mode: 

In this mode, the upper freezer compartment converts into a normal refrigerator for keeping fruits and vegetables.

Seasonal Mode: 

If you do not need the upper freezer compartment but you want the lower part to function normally, you can use this mode. Here, the freezer turns off without affecting the normal refrigeration thus, helps in saving electricity.

Vacation Mode:

If you are going for a vacation and want to turn off your refrigerator, then this vacation mode can be helpful. It allows you to turn off the refrigeration compartment without turning off the freezer. 

Home Alone:

When you are staying alone at home and you do not require the entire refrigerator, you can switch on this model. It turns off the lower compartment. You can shift all the items to the freezer and use it as a mini-fridge.

Latest Technologies:

Premium Samsung refrigerators are loaded with the most advanced technologies. The all-around cooling system, comprising of multiple vents, uniformly situated throughout the fridge, allows even cooling at every corner. Many a time, we notice that odors of different foods get mixed, resulting in a foul odor.

samsung refrigerators at best buy
Samsung refrigerators at best buy

The premium double-door refrigerators are equipped with a Twin Cooling System to prevent this by allowing the air to flow through two different channels and the temperature is also maintained so that an optimum humidity level is achieved inside the refrigerator. Moreover, the Active Fresh Keeper technology keeps the inside of the fridge clean and sterilized. The single-door Samsung refrigerators also have an Anti-Bacterial Gasket to prevent any growth of bacteria or fungi inside the fridge. 

Stylish yet Classy Designs:

All the latest models of Samsung refrigerators come with an elegant and sophisticated design with sleek handles to give your kitchen a complete makeover. They have a Fresh Max technology that includes a multi-utility door bin to provide extra space to store vegetables, fruits, and bottles. Moreover, the Space Max technology with thinner walls is also responsible for this extra space.

LED Lighting System:

All Samsung refrigerators are equipped with the latest LED lighting system, which is smaller in size as well as more energy-efficient, resulting in more space for storing perishable items. They emit 10 times lesser heat, use 20 times lesser power, and last 2 times longer than the previously used bulbs. All these will help you to save a handsome sum of money.

Apart from the new LED lighting, the refrigerators also come with an LED display that shows all the information. You can also control various functions of the fridge through this LED display. Thus, you do not have to open the fridge every time to see what is inside.

Ice Master Technology:

The Ice Master technology includes separate spaces at the door for generating and storing the ice automatically. Apart from the Ice Master technology, the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons are also present in the premium Samsung refrigerators. The Power Cool button chills the food or the drinks within a very short period. On the other hand, the Power Freeze button freezes the frozen food items.   

samsung refrigerators review
Samsung refrigerators review

There is no doubt that Samsung must be your preferred brand for a refrigerator in 2021. To buy your favorite Samsung refrigerator, you can visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Here, you can get various exciting discounts on your refrigerator and can purchase your product at a very affordable price on No Cost EMIs. 

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