How Has Mobile Phone Technology Changed Over the Last 5 Years?

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From typical calling functions to a mini-computer, smartphones have come a long way. Since mobile phones were first introduced, they have been continuously evolving to meet consumers’ needs. The world now has a range of smartphones with superior functions. But, the smartphone industry has dramatically changed over the last few years.
The most significant change is the availability of features in affordable phones. For instance, Oppo a53 price is super affordable. This Oppo mobile comes with long-lasting battery life, a high-end camera setup, and great performance. This makes it a perfect choice for any smartphone user. Let’s look at how smartphones have evolved in the last five years.

Style and Appearance:

One of the significant changes the smartphone model has seen over the last five years is the style and appearance. Smartphones now come with modern design and convenience. The phones are super sleek and light which makes them easy to handle and use. The phones are now available in various styles and forms to offer the users the best experience. From gradient finish to matte finish, one can avail of different styled smartphones. Oppo is one brand that has been continuously creating stylish smartphones like Oppo A52 to impress their customer base.


A smartphone’s functions have changed over the years. From manual typing to using voice assistants, mobile phones have evolved greatly in the last five years. There are some smartphones with AI-powered features, which makes the work super convenient and easy. But, they come under the mid to high-ranged segment. From updating the work calendar to customizing the photographs, smartphones perform different functions to help make life easy.

vivo smartphones
vivo smartphones

Camera Technology:

Smartphone cameras have significantly changed in the last five years. This is because photography in today’s time is one of the most important requirements of the users. Now the smartphones come with many camera setups that offer high-definition photos every time. From VGA camera to 64MP, AI-powered camera, smartphones have upgraded a lot. For a great click, you can buy Oppo A52, which comes with many cameras that efficiently capture every motion and light in the picture.

nokia smartphones
Nokia smartphones

Foldable phones:

There was a time when people had to carry those heavy, bulky phones with them everywhere. With advancements in technology, phones are available in foldable models, making them a lot more portable. But, those smartphones are quite high-priced. The smartphone manufacturers are trying to introduce the models to meet the user’s needs while breaking down the cost. It won’t come as a surprise if you find foldable phones from some of the most popular smartphone brands in India.


5G phones, although the latest in the market, is receiving tremendous response. Before 2015 people used to use a 2G or 3G network to access the internet, which was slow. But, with the introduction of 4G smartphones, the scenario changed. People were able to access the internet at a better speed and without much buffering time. Since the smartphone industry never sits quietly, they came up with the 5G connectivity models. These devices offer lightning speed and smooth performance. This has been another significant change in mobile technology in the last five years.

samsung smartphones
Samsung smartphones


Although smartphones are still improving mobile processors, they have not failed to impress buyers. The smartphones now come with powerful processors and enhanced graphic performance. With the latest and most upgraded processors, smartphones offer lag-free performance. This makes them perfect for playing video games and streaming videos online.
Let’s consider the Oppo a53, this smartphone comes loaded with one of the most advanced processors that offer the best experience, but when it comes to Oppo a53 price, you will surprise to know it comes under Rs. 15000. This is what smartphone advancement has done. Smartphone users now have access to the great processor and latest technologies within their budget.


The smartphone industry requires constant upgrades and advancements to offer more user-friendly devices. To survive the tough competition, each brand is trying to offer excellent and great features at affordable prices. This has offered the possibility to choose from various smartphone models.
But, Vivo mobile has successfully left a mark despite the competition, especially with their last year’s releases like Oppo A53. The best part about the model is it comes loaded with great features, but it is super affordable when it comes to Oppo A53 price. This clearly shows that even with the latest advancements, you can buy affordable phones.
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