Want to Master the Perfect Golf Swing let us Help You.

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How To Becomes We The perfect Golf Swing. There Are Some Easy Steps, Follow by These Steps Anyone Become Expert In Golf Swing. We Discuss All Steps One By One.
A swing is the type of motion where a body moves around a specific axis, the movement can be back and forth or side to side movement. The movement can be regular and uniform.
A player uses specific body movements to hit the golf ball with the largest accuracy, players’ body movement creating a circle around his body with golf wedge term as a golf swing.
the perfect golf swing
the perfect golf swing
a player uses his hands and shoulders to hit the ball, but in the golf swing interrelating movement of feet, legs, wrists, shoulders, and waist needs to prove a perfect golf swing.
For a perfect golf swing, one needs to practice golf swing technicalities also known as golf swing mechanics.
To explain the process by dividing it into section:
The setup.
The backswing.
The downswing.
The transition.
The impact.
The follow-through.

The setup:

It’s the very first section where a player warms-up and makes himself/herself ready for the upcoming shot. For a good play one needs to check minor details to avoid uneasiness. Practice a drill and examine the placing of the ball on the tee.

The Backswing:

The part of action movement where the golf club moves upward around the body, this part of circular swing rotation knows as the backswing.

The Transition:

Transition is a word used for the point where a backswing ends and downswing starts.
The Downswing:
The part of the action movement where the golf club moves downward tracing the path of the backswing, this rotation of circular swing knows as the downswing.
Impact knows as a ‘moment of truth’ because it’s the part of a golf swing where the golf club touches (hits) the ball, and like all other games right stopping place will give you a score so it’s important.
The Follow-Through:
When a player hits the ball, he needs to go along with the rotation which looks like he is completing the circle. It may seem like posing, but a successful follow-through means a magnificent shot, and a minor error in follow-through is enough to hint at some mistake

Do’s & Don’ts of Action Movement (Golf swing)

Compassion, enthusiasm, and practice need essentials to master a perfect golf swing.
As mentioned earlier, the golf swing is a specific body movement that one can get by practicing, and focusing on the minor details of body movement. In the action ankles, legs, waist, hands, and shoulders work together to create a perfect golf swing. Let us help you with some details to lodge a perfect golf swing.


Fix your focus, keep an eye on minor action movements, straight-line movement of the golf club isn’t a part of the golf swing. The club needs to move in and around the body, not in a linear back-forth motion.
the perfect golf swing
the perfect golf swing
The picture shows how the golf club’s movement will help you hit the ball at an accurate angle almost (90° angle).
It’s not about the golf club, movement of feet, ankles, wrists, hands, legs, shoulders, lower body area plays a crucial part to create the desired golf swing.

Body Movement:

Amateur players ignore the impact of whole-body movement, for a perfect golf swing accurate position of feet, movement of legs, shoulders movement, lower body rotation are all key points to consider.
the perfect golf swing
the perfect golf swing
Full body rotation is essential. Let us help you in your imagination! A golf player manifesting a perfect golf swing in slow motion…. What is he doing? Is he using his shoulders or wrists? Think you will find an accurate answer and explain the answer with known facts and knowledge.
Legs Movements:
Let’s start with don’ts of leg movement, most players don’t use legs and rely on wrists, it’s a big no. Lower your hips and then bend your legs a little. it’s a light squat, not a total sit-down position (as you are picking something up from the ground). Let your legs bend (and hit), let the legs extend, and then follow the action.

Accurate Feet Position:

While demonstrating a golf swing one will come into a squat position. And weight shifts from legs to feet. somewhere during the action movement, your feet will not feel ready. This minor discomfort is enough to demise a perfect golf swing.
golf swing mechanics
golf swing mechanics
For this purpose leave some space and step forward as soon as you start to move a step forward right at this moment. One foot will most likely stand like a belle’s foot, and the other foot will be pressing against the ground (during the downswing). Your right toe will be touching the ground and weight will shift to the left foot completely.
Shoulder Movements:
Shoulders’ movements must be rotational (as they are creating a circle around the body). One needs to practice arms movement (move your arms in back and forth circular rotation by doing a little squat). Keep your wrists and hands straight (your palms will be facing your body) and swing them back and forth like the pendulum of a clock.
Grab a golf club, recall the instruction of shoulders movements hit. the ball while creating a circle around the body in back and forth motion.
You have a wedge (golf club), not an ax learn the difference. Don’t hit the ball with massive force, divide up net force into components and focus on the impact point.

Wrist Movements:

Wrists only need a bend not a rotation and this bend don’t must much effort. during the backswing and downswing bend will appear. Be sure that your wrists will act according to the shoulders’ active movement, with no rotation a little bending.
the perfect golf swing in slow motion
the perfect golf swing in slow motion
Holding your golf club will not do any good. Have moderate grip, tighten enough to hold the wedge. But not so hard that it resists the caused movements of shoulders.
Keep in mind that a golf club is a tool, your action movements are the focus of a perfect golf swing. Work on your movements and try to avoid every possible mistake.

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