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6 Quick Tips For Healthy Hair That Are Evergreen!

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The gloomy pollution, uninvited stress, and profoundly harsh chemical products are some of the warriors that fight the healthiness of your hair all the time. Thus, seeking tips for healthy hair remains a fabled quest for millions out there, including you.

The fact is that there is a myriad of products, advertisements, videos, etc. that claim for zero percent hair fall with audacity but we all know where it leads us. Thus, after quite intense research and personal experience, I’ve fabricated the most genuine and truly effective tips for healthy hair that would help you forget of woes of your hair forever.

So, are you ready to know the simple and quick tips for healthy hair?

Let’s dive in!

Eggs & Fish:

I know that you might have heard this a million times but let me repeat it – Your hair needs nutrition from within. Even I had heard this line several times from doctors, aunties, friends, etc. but I never pondered that until I face terrific hair fall issues. The thing is when you witness tons of hair surrounding you on the floor and in the comb, you attempt to try out every possible remedy.

healthy hair tips for natural hair
healthy hair tips for natural hair

So after prolonged research on hair fall control remedies, the one that helped me strengthen my hair from within was – eggs and fish. I ate 2 eggs per day and made sure that I had fish at least thrice a week and I cannot stress over how marvelous the results were. The proteins and vitamins within these food items truly become your hair’s best friends!

Oil Massage:

A warm oil massage stimulates profound blood circulation in the scalp and efficiently distributes essential nutrients to your hair follicles. This consequently increases hair growth and provides you silky and shiny hair too. Depending on your schedule and skin type, massage your hair once, twice, or thrice a week regularly.

Onion Juice Hair Mask:

Onion juice hair mask entails instant results right from its first use. This is literally the only hair mask I apply since it has it all! The onion juice adds in a boost of sulfur and collagen production to promote hair growth, making your hair thicker and less prone to hair loss. You could either keep it for a few hours or even overnight depending on what suits you.

Indian Gooseberry:

Right from treating dandruff and scalp infections to stimulating hair growth and reducing premature graying, Indian gooseberry serves like a blessing to our hair. Amla or Indian gooseberry could be used for hair growth in several ways – amla oil, eating raw amla once a day, amla juice, amla powder, etc.

healthy hair tips for black hair
healthy hair tips for black hair


As silly as it may sound but combing does play a colossal role in maintaining healthy hair. Combing hair improves blood circulation, activates sebaceous glands, prevents unnecessary breakage, etc. I’m sure you might have not known all of these earlier, well there are many more. Thus, combing your hair in the right way and with the right comb is one of the essential tips for healthy hair.

Shampoo & Conditioner:

Well, we all know how shampoo and conditioner are for your hair. But the reason I included them in the tips for healthy hair is to remind you that choosing the RIGHT KIND of shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type matters. Thus, it’s suggested that you visit a hair expert or a dermatologist near you to grab the right kind of hair product for you.

best tips for healthy hair
best tips for healthy hair

Okay so that was it from my basket of tips for healthy hair and I really anticipate that you might have adored these ideas and if you did, then do not forget to implement them in real life too because that’s the whole point of this article!

Also, make sure that you maintain consistency because you can’t get the results that you are anticipating unless you diligently and patiently try out these tips for healthy hair REGULARLY. Just put in a little effort and witness how aptly your hair reacts to these efforts – the results are going to be marvelous!

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  1. Healthy hair can be hard to achieve because of constant hair care and using the products. Can using virgin human hair extensions and wigs be an alternate solution for healthy hair.

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