Type C Charger: What It Is? Guide to USB Type-C.

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Type C Charger is also known as USB Type-C is a connector that uses for both charging and transferring the data between devices. USB-C connector is the latest technology which is more powerful than all the previous USB cables.
USB-C type charger will charge your smartphones, laptops, and tablets quicker than any other cable. You can also transfer data fast between the devices using this connector. Now, all the newest devices come up with USB-C support.
Because of its rectangular curve shape, there is no more confusion of “In which way I need to put it?” or “Am I putting it in the right manner?”. The type c charger makes for simple use and better performance. All the world’s giant companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and Intel are now featuring USB Type C technology and their devices also have USB-C connector support.

Type C Charger with a New Connector Shape:

USB Type-C contains a new small physical connector, its size is very much like the micro USB connector. USB-C empowers the latest USB standards such as USB power delivery(USB PD) and USB 3.1.
what is type c charger
what is a type c charger?
The most commonly used USB standard is USB Type-A. But it only plugs-in from one side and also bigger in the size. With the time going on, smaller and thinner devices are coming into the market and those USB Type-A connectors are not able to fit into these devices. That’s why the latest micro and mini connectors develop with different connector shapes.
Type C Charger is very small in size compared to older Type-A connectors. The shape of this port curve from both edges so that it can plug into any device. You don’t even have to worry about how you are plugging-in, you can do it from any side. No matter whether you are connecting your phone with a PC, hard drive with the laptop to transfer data, or charging your mobile.

Why Type C Charger Invented?

The age of technology we are living in today has achieved after crossing many milestones. First computers were invented, then we moved forward and developed laptops which are a more advanced form of computers. After that, smartphones come into place which is now the most common and widely used devices around the world, these are also called “mini-computers”. Because they have almost all functions and controls available which you use in laptops or PCs.
android type c charger
android type c charger
If you are going somewhere, you can’t carry your computer. So, that’s where these tiny computers (smartphones) help us a lot. These are so small that you can easily put them into your pocket and carry them anywhere. But you also need a charger along with your phone so you can charge it when needed.
We are very familiar with USB Type-A or Type-B connectors, but their disadvantage is that they can only insert into the device from one side. The connecting pins in their sorts are also easily breakable. So, this gives rise to the Type C charger cables. This connector has so many advantages that you can easily insert it from any side and also provides fast charging and data transfer.

Why is USB Type-C Better than Old USB Cables?

  • USB Type-C is an easy-to-use and user-friendly charging cable without up and down orientation. It doesn’t matter in which way you are inserting it into the device.
  • The USB-C cable is a truly universal and game-changer for us, you not only use this cable for smartphones, laptops, tablets, or cameras but also work with operating systems like Android, Windows, etc.
  • The data transfer rate of USB Type-C is 20 times faster than the USB 2.0. It transfers the data between devices at up to 10Gbps (gigabyte per second).
  • USB-C cables can deliver Ultra-HD 4k video resolution to HDMI and USB-C displays. This is 4 times more than standard high definition’s resolution.
  • Type C charger provides so much when it comes to speed, universality, user-friendliness, and ease of use. You can use it with any type of device. This connector is far better than older USB cables.

Is USB-C is Similar to Micro USB?

At a first glance, the USB Type-C connector looks very identical to a micro USB cable. But it’s more oval in its shape with curve edges and also slightly thicker.
It designs with no up and down orientation, you just need to line up the port properly and don’t need to flip it. All previous USB cables don’t have this feature, you can only insert them from one side.

Why is Type C Charger faster than OTG Charger?

In general, we can’t say that it provides you more speed than the OTG charger. But it’s a more improved and enhanced version of OTG cable. It has better quality and you can also use it from either side which you can’t do using an OTG connector. This is the reason the USB Type-C charger is better but there isn’t too much difference in speed.

type c charger cable
type c charger cable

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