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What You Need to Know About Hair tattoos.

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Hair loss is a prevalent problem that is affecting men of all different backgrounds and ages. In reality, research has revealed that more than 50 per cent of males have moderate to large hair loss by the end of their forties.
If you’ve been looking into solutions for losing hair You may have encountered “hair tattoos” that hide hair loss and give what appears to be a complete buzz cut, full hairstyle.
Also known as scalp micro pigmentation The procedure offers a unique alternative to other treatments for hair loss like finasteride, minoxidil, or hair transplant surgery. If You are looking for a Hair tattoo at Scotland Clinic, You must visit SKULLTEC for the better treatment of your hairs
Below, we’ll discuss how hair tattoos work and the kind of outcomes you can expect with this method of treating loss of hair. We’ve also covered the various options available to treat hair loss, from medications to surgical procedures that permanently replace hair loss.

What Are Hair Tattoos?

The hair tattoos, also known as scalp tattoos are the same as they sound -tattoos used to disguise hair loss and give the appearance of having a full head of hair.
The method employed to make the hair tattoo is known as scalp micro-pigmentation. The process involves tattooing your scalp using thousands of tiny dots that mimic the look of hair follicles that are naturally present.
The majority of scalp micro pigmentation treatments employ various pigments to produce the appearance of real hair that is cut right next to your scalp. When done by a skilled expert, the results from this kind of procedure can appear impressive and seem surprisingly natural.
Micropigmentation of the scalp is commonly used to create the look of an entire head of buzzed, short hair. It can help to create hair that appears thicker and denser on regions of the scalp with a lot of thinness.
Sometimes, the micro-pigmentation on the scalp serves solely to create the appearance of dense hair in a certain area of the scalp, for instance, hairline tattoos to conceal recession or a hair-style tattoo at the side part of your head, to conceal scarring that results from surgical hair transplant surgery.
Micropigmentation can also help hide scarring from skin issues, such as hair loss scarring or Alopecia areata.
How Hair Tattoos Work:
While there are some similarities but the process for getting hair tattoos isn’t as simple as the procedure used in having a tattoo.
Although both procedures use the same devices, scalp micro-pigmentation utilizes extremely tiny needles which allow tiny dots of pigmentation to be placed on the skin. The needles move at a rate of between 100 or 150 repetitions per second and create a natural follicle pattern on the scalp.
Each time a needle comes in contact with the dermis’s upper layer it applies a small droplet of colour to the skin. To replicate the look and feel of real hair, an experienced technician will apply the pigments closest to the skin’s surface as is possible and use an array of dot sizes.
Ink is applied close to the surface layer of hair, scalp micro pigmentation can be capable of giving the appearance of tiny, fine dots rather than the more polished appearance of a traditional tattoo.
The scalp micro pigmentation process may be different in length, based on the degree of hair loss as well as the amount of dots that must be made. Oft, tens of millions of tiny dots must be placed on the scalp during many sessions.

Advantages of Hair Tattoos:

The scalp tattoo and hair procedures offer many advantages, particularly when compared with other methods that are used to treat loss of hair. They include:
  • A look that resembles a complete hairstyle. For the majority of males, the greatest benefit of scalp micro pigmentation is that it provides the appearance of hair that is full and that is not affected by male pattern hair loss.
  • Enhancements in the perceived density. Even though scalp tattoos are for the most part used to give the presence of a buzz trim they can likewise be utilized for a clear expansion in thickness the more extended hairstyle particularly in thin areas, like the vertex scalp.

Long-lasting results:

  • In contrast to hairpieces, which have a replacement and replaced every couple of months or so, the process of scalp micro pigmentation provides lasting outcomes. Typical hair tattoos can remain in place for a long time.
  • The cost is affordable, especially when compared with other methods. Scalp micro pigmentation typically costs dependent on the length that the treatment is performed, the number of treatments required to be done to achieve optimal results, the skill of the person performing it, and the location of the procedure. But, it’s not the most cost-effective method to treat hair loss.
  • It is a relatively painless process. While scalp micro pigmentation can be done with a tattoo machine the process is typically less painful than tattoos in traditional ways, because the needles only penetrate the topmost layer of the skin.
  • A brief recovery time. It generally takes between 7 and seven days to repair the hair following an operation to tattoo hair before the results become evident. In contrast to a hair transplant, it can need between six and 6 months to show noticeable improvement in the growth of hair.

Hair Transplant Surgery:

The hair transplant procedure is the process that involves taking hairs from the sides and back of your scalp, and then transplanting them onto the hairline, crown, or other areas that suffer from hair loss.
Contrary to scalp micro pigmentation, which gives an appearance to hair follicles hair transplants transfers hair follicles from one area of your scalp to the next which allows you to replenish the hair’s density as well as the thickness.
Modern hair transplant methods are based on the movement of one or two hairs at a given time, allowing an even more realistic and natural-looking result as opposed to the hair plugs of just a few years ago.
To allow a hair transplant to be a successful treatment option, you’ll need to have enough donor hair and healthy skin on the scalp areas that are affected by the loss of hair. There is also the need to pay for the surgery costs, which could exceed a thousand dollars.
Despite the large costs considering a hair transplant is an option to consider if you’re looking to find a permanent solution to hair loss. Learn more about the benefits of hair transplant surgery as well as the disadvantages in our complete article on hair transplants to treat hair loss.

Is a Hair Tattoo Right For You?

Micro scalp pigmentation or hair tattoo can provide the appearance of hair that is full without the pain, expense, or long recovery time of a hair transplant procedure.
You must be aware of the drawbacks of this procedure, such as the fact that it hides the loss of hair rather than treating it.
If you’re experiencing hair loss Finasteride and minoxidil may help keep the hair you have and could even help regenerate hair in the areas of your scalp that are affected by the loss of hair.

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