7 Best Windows Tips for Professional User in 2021.

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There has been a huge development in the world of Windows, over time. Both professionals and non-professionals have been using it for a long time. gone are the days of Windows 7,8 or 9. This is the era of Windows 10.
Professionals work on Windows daily. It may sometimes be very easy and smooth for them to work on Windows PC. Sometimes, certain issues may also pop up to interrupt their work.
How to deal with such a situation? What Windows tips should adopt to get the work done without any trouble? The answer lies here.

Seven Windows Tips for the Professionals:

With the help of this article, professional users will get some handy and useful Windows tips. Let us just go through all of them one by one.

1. Install, Download, and Update the drivers:

This is perhaps one of the best Windows tips for all professional users. If you want your system to work efficiently, do not forget to install, download and update the latest version of the device drivers. Uninstall all the outdated, faulty, or damaged drivers from the Windows PC. Then you can just install their latest versions available in the market.
windows tips and trick
windows tips and trick
For example, there is a driver for each type of printer. Download the Canon printer driver for Windows 10, in case you are using the canon printer. Or you can download audio device drivers for audio output devices and so on.
Do not ignore the notifications to update the drivers. Take them seriously. Whenever needed, manually or automatically download the free driver update software tools to update the drivers to their latest versions. Timely updating them will increase the performance of your PC.

2. Cut all Windows except the current Window:

It should take care of that only that Window opens on which you are working. Cut all the other Windows that are not required at the moment. This will definitely help you in increasing the speed of your Windows PC.
Follow these steps:
  • Firstly, select the Window that you want to keep open. Click on its Title bar.
  • Now, hold down the mouse. You can move the window, again and again, shaking it quickly. This is a must to do the thing.
  • Keep repeating the shakes for some time, this will cut all windows except the one you are currently working on.

3. Open the Secret Start Menu:

Every version of Windows has a Start menu, no doubt. But professionals maybe knowing that the Windows 10 version has a ‘secret’ start menu. With the help of this menu, you can access the command prompt, task manager, and the control panel very easily.
windows tips and tricks
windows tips and tricks
There are two different ways in which you can access them:
  • You can access them by either pressing the Windows key + X on your keyboard.
  • Or you can access them by right-clicking the Windows icon / Start button on your keyboard.

4. Create an Event without clicking the Calendar app:

Among the list of various Windows tips, it is a very interesting tip to follow. You can create an event without even making the effort to open the calendar app. Here are the steps:
  • Click on the Taskbar. In the right corner, there is a date and time box. Click on it.
  • Select the event date as per your choice.
  • Now, you can enter the name of the event, its time, and the location.
(In case you have more than one calendar, you have to click the down arrow beside the event name field. You can now select the one which you want to add.).

5. You can take a screenshot:

For all the professional users, this is another in the list of Windows tips. You can take the screenshot of the entire screen in eight different ways in Windows 10. The quickest way is to press the Windows key + Print Screen key. This will save the pictures in the Screenshot folders of the Pictures option.

6. Get rid of the apps in the Start menu:

  • In the Start menu, open the Settings option. Click on the Personalisation option and then click on the Start option.
  • Switch the ‘Show Suggestions Occasionally in Start setting’ to the off mode.

7. Use keyboard shortcut keys:

You can take the help of keyboard shortcut keys to open items on the taskbar. For example, press the Windows key + [Number key] on the keyboard. You have to enter the number key based on the position of the item in the taskbar. If an item is on the third position in the taskbar, press Windows key + 3. This will open the third item in the taskbar.
cleaning windows tips
cleaning windows tips
Hope you find this article as useful and helpful as it intends to be. You can also become a Windows expert if you know some basic tips and tricks. You can go through this article anytime, whenever you face any issue on your Windows PC.

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