4 YouTube Channels Must Help You About Sports Injuries in Asia.

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What is the First Step of the Stop Procedure for Assessing Acute Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries are painful and usually involve knee or ACL injury. An ACL injury is a “pop” or “crack” feeling while playing any kind of sports or changing the direction of your joint while jumping from a height. ACL injuries are very common in sportsmen, children, and women athletes. People must know the precautions, diagnosis, and cure of knee or ACL injuries. You should take such injuries as this can cause chronic pain while bending your knee or leg or while walking.
Other types of common sports injuries are elbow shoulder and hip bone injuries. Orthopedic doctors and surgeons can diagnose, treat and recover you from such injuries. Whenever you feel that your bones injure during sports, accidents, or with an unexpected fall, you must rush to a good orthopedic doctor immediately.
There are many great Orthopedic surgeons in Lahore, Karachi, and other big cities of Pakistan. Now as a sportsperson or athletes people are usually curious to know about sports injuries and the procedures and surgeries required for them too. The best way to get authentic information is through popular certified doctors’ blogs or YouTube channels.
Usually, visuals engage people more than the descriptive content that’s why doctors have made YouTube channels to give awareness of sports injuries that can happen. We have done our detailed research and dug out some great YouTube videos that you must see to get to know more about sports or knee injuries. The YouTube videos will also help you to choose good knee injury doctors in Lahore and other cities with the help of the knowledge you have gained through the videos. Let’s begin with the videos.

1.YouTube channel: Prof Dr. Wajid:

There is a very famous YouTube channel with the name “Prof Dr. Wajid”. Prof M A Wajid is a certified sports surgeon and gives information to the general public. The YouTube video in which he is talking about the reason for Sports injuries, again and again, is very informative. With the awareness of the reason, you can have precautions to prevent any knee or Sports injuries in the future.

The link to that videos is below:
The channel contains a lot of videos on ACL and knee injuries and has a treasure of knowledge hidden in those videos.

2.YouTube Channel: Marham Find a Doctor:

This channel features videos of experienced orthopedic doctors, surgeons, and other general physicians who discuss different types of problems in their videos.
The link to the video which we have selected is as below:

Which joint in the body is most susceptible to sports injuries?

The topic of the videos was which patients should go for knee replacement surgeries. The video features Dr… who is a well-known certified joint replacement surgeon have experience of more than 15 years in Pakistan. He is an expert knee injury doctor in Lahore and has an association with all the renowned hospitals including the national, Jinnah, and Ghurki hospitals in Lahore.

doctors for sports injuries
doctors for sports injuries
In the video, he explained the knee problems patients are facing and the point on which they must decide on knee cap or knee replacement surgery. Dr. Sohail Tariq has talked about the knee structure and the joint areas scratched and have inflammation due to increased friction which needs to replace. The video is very detailed and informative for people who are having problems with knee joints or have any injuries due to sports.

3.YouTube Channel: Marham Find a Doctor:

As before discussed, the channel, channel displays famous doctors’ informative videos about different topics or common problems. In the next must-watch-listed video, we have chosen Dr. MA Wajid’s video explaining sports injuries using keyhole technology and pelvic and fractured surgeries. Dr. Wajid is a certified specialist surgeon in sports injuries and has specialized in ACL or knee injuries, and shoulder or elbow injuries. Dr. Wajid has valuable experience in practicing in different countries including Germany and the USA and now he is practicing as a specialist knee injury doctor in Lahore in the national hospital.

sports injuries worst
sports injuries worst
In the video, Dr. Wajid explained the ACL or knee injury the start what it is and then talked about the keyhole technology which is one of the latest techniques in Pakistan. Moreover, Dr. Wajid told the procedure of keyhole ACL surgery and its benefits. The video continues with the problems people face with arthritis and how they can get help from Dr. Wajid in this regard. The video content was very precise and very informative as well.
Below is the link to the video:
All other Dr. Wajid videos are available on the same channel and their website as well.

4.YouTube Channel: Best Care:

The channel contains videos of different specialist doctors explaining to people about different diseases and problems like the “Marham find a doctor” channel. The video is featuring Dr. Muhammad Bilal an orthopedic consultant in 3 big hospitals including Gulab Devi, Hameed Lateef: and Farooq Hospital Lahore. The video contains well combine information about sports injuries of different types. The video explains the ankle sprain causes, the symptoms, and then the cure. Furthermore, hip bone pain is a possible cause, symptoms of injury, and precautions to prevent hip pain. Hand sprains and shoulder dislocation injuries are also explained very well in the video. Lastly, an ACL injury explains in detail and the causes of the injury and prevention tricks are also explained.
The link to the video is as below:


sports injuries doctors
sports injuries doctors

Conclusion: Sports Injuries treatment

There are many other informative videos available on all the channels mentioned above and the videos also highlight expert ACL injury doctors in Lahore. You can find the contact information below the videos and get connected with the doctors to discuss your joint problems or rush to them when you have any sports injury. Best knee injury doctors in Lahore will let you get rid of the chronic pain you are facing after a sports injury, broken, rubbed, or injured knee or knee caps with safety and expertise.

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