Most Famous Restaurants You Need To Try Out In Calgary (YYC).

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Calgary is the perfect city to stroll around and to relish pre or post-meal after splashing many places. It is a thriving city with no shortage of excellent cuisines. Grabbing inspiration from the diverse culture of Canada’s regional fare and primarily using local ingredients makes the Calgary cuisines out of the world. The flavors of this city combine tradition with adventurous ingredients that bring you a relishable flavor-seeking experience. So whenever you are looking out for YYC deals, visit these amazing restaurants and nightclubs in the city.

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant:

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant is an oasis of simplicity in Fish Creek Park. The restaurant offers a scenic setting in a restored ranch home in one of the largest urban parks in North America. Contemporary Canadian cuisine is the main highlight of this restaurant. The remaining menu also has some irresistible dishes such as wild blueberry sauce, Alberta veal chop, and many more. Bow Valley also serves a wide selection of wines and a weekly six-course tasting menu for its visitors. The restaurant can book for Sunday brunch, breakfast, and dinner.

YYC deals
YYC deals

Shokunin Izakaya:

Shokunin Izakaya is an exceptional restaurant by Chef Darren MacLean’s take on contemporary cuisine and designed by a Japanese restaurant. After the success of the famous Netflix’s The Final Table, he inspires to set up this crazily excellent Shokunin Izakaya restaurant. The eatery curates a menu full of traditional Japanese dishes with a unique twist in all of them. The restaurant’s small plates are perfect for sharing and eating along. All the dishes prepared using local ingredients and freshly cooked vegetables. Don’t forget to try the signature dish Okami Kasu beer which infused with kasu sake and creates in collaboration with a local craft brewery.
La Brezza Ristorante:
When you are looking for various YYC deals to plan your trip, have a look at some of the best restaurants, and you will find La Brezza Ristorante there. Here you will enjoy one of the freshest meals in Calgary. This compact restaurant will provide you many options for starters, desserts, and main course cuisines, including the signature dish Mediterranean jump prawns garnished with asparagus and dipped in a hot garlic sauce. Whether you are looking to enjoy a full course meal or some snack-like dish, La Brezza Ristorante will serve you the freshest meals in Calgary with unique flavors of their own.

Alloy Restaurant:

The moment you step inside this elegant, airy restaurant, you will surprise that you are in Calgary’s Manchester industrial neighborhood. Alloy critics speak about the dishes available in the eatery, which inspire by global flavors and praise the unique dishes like truffle gnocchi, black truffle buttercream, and sauteed mushrooms, and many more. The dish serve with balsamic tomato reduction, and heirloom carrots are favorite amongst the locals/ the owner and chef of Alloy were born in Colombia, and the food menu influenced by the Mediterranean, Latina, and Asian flavors. On the other side, the wine and cocktail menu is also curated by the co-owner Uri Heilik. When you avail of YYC deals to plan your trip in Calgary, do visit Alloy restaurant once.

Tickets To India
Tickets To India

Calcutta Cricket Club:

When you arrive at Calcutta Cricket Club, you will feel as if you have stepped into a Wes Anderson movie, and the restaurant ambiance, the decor is as vibrant as its food menu. The Bengali-inspired fare brings out a range of cosmopolitan flavors in the restaurant. The dishes feature small-plate versions of many traditional and authentic Indian dishes and specially curated fragrant curries. Calcutta cricket club is a secluded restaurant that is popular for being a special spot for Indian travelers, locals and a perfect place for a date night due to its front side patio with fantastic decor, perfect for Alfresco dining.
NOtaBLE-The Restaurant:
A perfect palace for all the passionate foodies out there. The NOtaBLE restaurant is a famous eatery in Calgary that serves a diverse range of mouth-watering dishes that reflect the chef’s zest for superficial flavors. The simple minds behind this restaurant rustle up with NOtaBLE’s celestial fare and work hard to include only the best seasonal ingredients while curating the food menu. All the mussels and fries available at the dinner are highly recommended to all the visitors. The Thai red curry broth with cilantro, grilled focaccia, and fries are the best signature dishes served at this restaurant. And yes, make sure you book your table in advance as it is highly occupied on weekends.

Bread and Circus:

Bread and Circus is a small restaurant venue that can fit in almost 34 people max at one time is a perfect family-style restaurant serving some amazing dishes. It has roman style decor that offers an ideal ambiance for date nights, family get-together, and dinners. Like the venue, the menu is also not diverse but has some highly rated unique dishes. The best dishes from the available options are bottarga, spaghetti, salad, pasta, and dessert. The favorite dish at Bread and Circus is homemade shrimp bottarga which packs with intense seafood flavors. As the restaurant is not very much big in space, it also allows takeaways so that you can get intense seafood dishes in the comfort of your home or at any other location of your choice.

YYC deals
YYC deals

Q- Haute Cuisine:

If you want to stimulate your taste buds on your next trip to Calgary, don’t look for YYC deals on flights but find out the location for Q Haute Cuisine restaurant. It is one of the unique restaurants available in Calgary. It offers a relaxing environment with mouth-watering dishes like quinoa puffs, milk crisps, and succulent sous vide, along with striploin wagyu beef. Situated along the banks of Bow River, the restaurant also offers impressive views from its location.
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