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What are the Side Effects of taking Ashwagandha Powder on the Body?

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Ashwagandha is a natural that many Ayurveda utilizes for the treatment of different illnesses. It is safe for many peoples, but some of us have issues with it and can face its side effects. So it is best to use it only when the healthcare provider recommends it to you. It is available in the market in capsule form that has 450 to 500 mg of ashwagandha powder.
Yet, it provides the health benefits and the possible side effects that many of us face.
So let’s discuss the possible side effects of taking the Ashwagandha powder.
If you think that you have the best source of this powder so don’t face the issues. Yet, it isn’t legitimate. It has some potential results that you may confront. So must concern with your health care before taking it as a supplement.

The possible side effects include:

Increases the thyroid function:

Ashwagandha helps to increase the thyroid function in the body, like during Hypothyroidism conditions. But it can be dangerous for people who already have the standard or elevated level of thyroid function. But, it is the subclinical treatment of Hypothyroidism in which you feel lethargy, weight gain, and hair loss. If you have normal thyroid function and take the ashwagandha powder, it can be dangerous for your health, which causes heart failure.

Decreases the blood pressure level:

It is best for the people who have high blood pressure issues to welcome it in the morning with open hands. But it can be dangerous for others who have low or normal blood pressure levels. Many of us suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure issues, and they need to take medicines. But if you take the ashwagandha powder, then it may interfere with your medications.

benefit of ashwagandha powder
the benefit of ashwagandha
Moreover, it lowers the normal blood pressure to a certain level that can be dangerous for your health.

Cause irritation in the gastrointestinal tract:

Ashwagandha has anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties that help to protect against gastric ulcers. But according to some studies, it also causes issues in the GI tract. The excess of ashwagandha can cause constipation, which decreases the appetite. According to another research, the excess amount of ashwagandha can cause stomach ulcers instead of curing them.

Causes the miscarriage:

Pregnant women didn’t need to take the herbal or medical treatments without concern with the doctor. It can be dangerous for them. Yet, it is a myth that ashwagandha powder helps to reduce stress in pregnancy. But it has specific components that can cause miscarriage or premature birth. So if you have anxiety, then concern with your doctor instead of taking the ashwagandha powder.

Decrease blood sugar levels:

According to researchers on rats, it is clear that the ashwagandha powder helps to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. But in the human body, it is the opposite of it as it can lower the blood sugar level that can be dangerous for our health.

ashwagandha powder benefits
ashwagandha powder benefits


Ashwagandha powder has these potential side effects, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any health benefits. It has many benefits, but you need to concern with the healthcare provider before taking the risk of eating ashwagandha powder.

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