Best Steps to Find and Eliminate Duplicate Photos.

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Images are a part of our lifestyle now, but with increasing time the number of files is on the rise. Irrespective of how aware you are about the storage there are many duplicate files present in your system. These files can take up to GBs of space on your hard disk and can even affect the processing speed. For performance-enhancing and increased storage space professionals recommend organizing all your files.

Performing the files organizing process manually can be tough and time-consuming. On the other hand, you get a lot of automatic duplicate photo finder options that can help you in organizing PCs and removing duplicates in a few minutes.

Here in this article, we are going to share the steps of the best duplicate photo cleaner i.e.Quick Photo Finder. After our analysis and user reviews, we finalized this software as the best. It offers some of the best features that make the process easy along with that it offers an easy to adapt interface.

The process of finding and eliminating duplicate photos is similar in most of the software. So even if you are planning to use any other software, you can check the steps here and then implement it on your desired software. So now without any further ado, let’s take a look at the steps that you need to follow for finding and eliminating duplicate photos.

Steps to find and delete duplicates using Quick Photo Finder:

To start the steps you have to download and install the software. You can easily visit the official website of Quick Photo Finder for downloading it. After you have successfully installed the software, follow the steps mentioned below.

best duplicate photo cleaner
best duplicate photo cleaner
  • Double click on the Quick Photo Finder icon to launch the software
  • On the home screen, you can witness a lot of options, you can simply drag and drop all the files which you wish to scan
  • Once you are done with adding files, you can select the filters for a deep scan
  • Once done with all the filtering processes, click on the ‘Scan’ button
  • After scanning each and every file on your hard disk the software will present you the list of all the duplicates. You can easily select the files which you wish to remove.
  • These are the steps that you have to follow for deleting all the duplicates. The steps might have minor differences in other software but overall the process is the same.

The reason why we liked Quick Photo Finder is because of its amazing features. If you want to know more about the feature then scroll down to the next section as we have discussed them in detail.

best duplicate photo cleaner
best duplicate photo cleaner

Features of Quick Photo Finder:

The feature list of the software determines how easy the process will be for the user. If after using the software you face difficulties and have to follow many steps then what is the point of having that software. To help you in accessing Quick Photo Finder, below are the features. Take a look yourself and then decide the worth.

Easy and Clutter-Free Interface:

Quick Photo Finder is an ideal software for all users as it offers a very simple user interface. Whether you are a beginner or a professional you can easily use this software. Not only this, you can easily find the option and their use. There are many software which offers tutorials for helping users, here you won’t need anything.

Scans for Similar Images:

The software apart from just scanning duplicates images also scans for images that have similar traits to the original one. It deeply scans and finds out edited, cropped, and rotated images. This is a great feature that helps you in finding all the images that may have taken space on your disk.

Automark Duplicates:

The list of duplicates can be huge and manually selecting duplicates from the list can be a time-consuming task even with the software. To make the process easier the software has auto mark features. This feature automatically marks duplicate files which can be deleted without any second thought. The primary aim of having this feature is to save users time, however, if someone wishes to do it manually then the software has a manual option too.

best duplicate photo cleaner
best duplicate photo cleaner

Group Results:

This feature is one of the very rare features that you would find in any duplicate photo finder. Quick Photo Finer’s developers have thought deeply about making the process easier. It offers results in groups, which makes it easier for all in selecting duplicate images.

Wrapping Up:

These were some of the easiest steps that you can follow for finding and removing duplicate images. As prior said, the steps mentioned are of Quick Photo Finder that can help you in getting a basic idea about the process. More or less some steps might change depending on the software.

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