The Top 5 T-Shirt Printing Machine of 2021.

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Your alternatives for garment ornament are ever-expanding. Today’s alternatives encompass conventional display prints, embroidery, applique, transfers, and an increasing number of famous virtual direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Since its inception, the variety of producers and fashions inside the DTG marketplace area has been in regular flux.
Many well-advertised machines, as soon as normal in discussions and alternate display halls, have now almost vanished. However, during the last numerous years, there have continually been a handful of producers main the pack. Below, we’ve in comparison pinnacle 5 DTG t-shirt printing machine models. The best heat press machine gives below:
  • Epson F2100
  • Brother GTX
  • Col-Desi (DTG Digital) M2
  • Kornit Breeze
  • M&R M-Link-X

    t shirt printing machine best
    t-shirt printing machine best

Epson F2100:

At more or less 3’ through 5’, the Epson F2100’s footprint is extra square than the GTX from Brother. And at simply over 1.5’ high, it’s in reality smaller. This is a desk or bench pinnacle layout and isn’t lose standing. So, you’ll want to plot wherein it’ll be set up. Overall, the F2100 is a completely quiet running system with a polished. Put-collectively profile that works as without difficulty in a home-primarily based totally commercial enterprise because it does in a complete manufacturing environment.


  • MSRP: $17,995
  • Est. Street Price: $15,995

Brother GTX:

At 4.5’ through 4.25,’ the GTX is a bit boxier and at once conveys a business appearance with its predominately metallic exterior. The GTX is a desk or bench pinnacle unit, however with a custom stand available. This stand recommends because it lets customers take gain of the open backside layout of the printer for humidification. That’s frequently important for constant operation.
  • MSRP: $22,500
  • Est. Street Price: $22,500

Col-Desi (DTG Digital) M2:

Being the best twin platen printer of this group, which means there are platens to load t-shirts as opposed to simply one the herbal concept could be that it has a mile’s large footprint. At approximately 4’ x 3,’ it occupies a comparable area because of the brother. However, with a mile’s large shadow as it’s almost a whole rectangle. A tabletop/bench pinnacle unit as well, the M2 would require the right arrangements. Quieter than the brother GTX however now no longer to the extent of the Epson F2100. This unit may be an alternative for customers that want an extra-huge imaging area.

digital t shirt printing machine
digital t-shirt printing machine
  • MSRP: $19,995
  • Est. Street Price: $19,995

Kornit Breeze:

As the introductory gadget from Kornit. The Breeze is the smallest of their line-up however one in every of the biggest on this institution. The 4’ x 5’ framework is the maximum cutting-edge searching through far. As the handiest gadget inside the institution with an incorporated pre-remedy system, the general footprint can be smaller. Kornit’s inks are generally cured with a fuel line dryer, that could function the bottom desk for this printer.
  • MSRP: $65,000
  • Est. Street Price: $62,000.

M&R M-Link-X:

As the simplest free-status unit on this group. The M-Link-X additionally has the difference of being the biggest at 4.5’ x 5.5. With a rugged metallic body and squared-off edging. The M-Link has the maximum commercial appearance and feel. Not the great choice for home-primarily based totally businesses, this unit is higher applicable for a manufacturing environment.
  • MSRP: $74,995
  • Est. Street Price: $70,995.
Pre-Treatment Machines & Heat Presses:

Your t-blouse printing system might also additionally need a few extra portions of equipment. Pre-Treatment Machines Printing with white ink calls for preparation. Pre-remedy machines put together your clothes by making use of a regular quantity of answers earlier than you print. They also can practice anti-migrants for printing on artificial and wicking clothes. The Kornit version has an incorporated pre-remedy procedure however the others require offline remedy.

digital t shirt printing machine
digital t-shirt printing machine
Heat Presses:
As an indispensable part of the garment readorning procedure. A warmth press is regularly essential for a few DTG and dye-sublimation workflows it’ll rely upon the sort of ink you’re using. Additionally, with a warmth press. You could additionally without difficulty switch custom, precise designs to numerous substrates through switch papers. Warmth carried out films, virtual transfers, display screen revealed transfers, and more.

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