How to Determine tyre Wear: Causes and Life of Car tyres

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Tyre wear is constantly present if the car is often used since it is erased on a hard surface at any contact of rubber with the road. Even slow and careful driving leads to a gradual waste of the resource, but sometimes special conditions arise when the life of the tyres becomes shorter, and everything wears out much faster.

Causes of tyre wear

There are various reasons for tyre wear, depending on the vehicle’s technical condition, the brand of rubber used, road conditions, and driving style. However, the most common reasons why a tyre wears out are:

  • Asphalt Temperature: As the temperature of the road surface rises, the rubber’s amount of wear and tear during travel increases. When the vehicle is moving, friction is generated between the wheel and the road, which leads to a rise in the temperature of the rubber. If the asphalt is heated under the sun at the same time, then the temperature increases even more, and at such values, the erasure of the upper layer is carried out more intensively. On average, the critical parameters are indicators of 70 degrees Celsius and above.
  • Coarse asphalt is another cause of tyre wear, as the road surface then has an abrasive effect. Often, small sharp parts stick out of the asphalt in such situations, increasing the degree of surface abrasion.
  • Driving at High Speed: Fast travel shortens the tyre life of the vehicle due to increased mechanical stress. Typically, this effect is combined with an increase in temperature. Here, there is a direct proportional dependence on the rise in speed. For example, when travelling at 60 km / h, the service life of a car tyre will be twice as long as travelling at 120 km / h at the same distance.
  • Pressure: High wheel pressure results in uneven wear and most of the rubber layer in the centre section. If the pressure is less than average, the most significant degree of wear will affect the side parts.
  • Problems in the operation of shock absorbers: in case of malfunctions of this element, there is no uniform and smooth distribution of the load on the car wheels; therefore, there will be a higher degree of surface abrasion in some places. A defective shock absorber increases the load on the rubber. This is especially true when moving on an uneven surface, for which the shock absorbers are intended. In this case, there may be different types of tyre wear, depending on the characteristics of the road.
  • Wheel alignment: in the standard operating position, the wheels must be in a strictly parallel position, for which each wheel must be at an angle of 90 degrees to the ground. This ensures maximum contact with the road along the entire width and a stable contact patch. If you do not adjust the wheel alignment, then the side part will face the highest loads, which will lead to increased surface erasure in one place.
  • Wheel imbalance: in the absence of balance, one of the parts will have a greater mass. In this case, bald patches appear on the surface, and if everything is not balanced, then quickly enough, this can lead to a complete erasure of the surface, while the rest of the coating will be in a usable state.

Car tyre life

The lifespan of a passenger car tyre is mainly dependent on the usage, load, tyre brand and intensity of use. It is better to determine everything, not in the time of movement, but in the distance travelled. On average, wear becomes noticeable after 60 thousand kilometres. With a normal workload, this is about four seasons of use if you change tyres on time with the change of season. There is no shortage of cars or car tyre in Sharjah. But this does not mean that if the rubber has not been used for a long time, it will be like new. Products of this kind lose their properties after 7-10 years, regardless of the frequency of use. Therefore, old tyres can wear out faster.

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