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I Wish Everyone Could Know About How To Do Meditation For Beginners.

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I Wish Everyone Could Know About How To Do Meditation For Beginners. Meditation is an act of seeking calmness, peace, and serenity. It is an ultra-fine approach and works as if a person becomes a teacher of itself and gives commands to his mind to concentrate and focus on good thoughts and memories to achieve serenity of mind. Many people who are under stress try to find out the answer as a novice “how to do meditation for beginners”.

Concentration Meditation:

Attention meditation aims to lessen inattentiveness. In this meditation, a person maintains attention at a single thing or any memory that could be in your mind. You can focus on any abstract or concrete object, whatever you want to focus on is your choice. Focusing a single object draws you towards your goal of calmness and composure.

Mindfulness Concentration:

This concern with trying to be in future, pleasant thoughts in your mind and prevents one from having a bad or negative outlook on its present leading a person towards a more pleasant life.


Yoga increases your flexibility and stability. It helps to manage stress and increase circulation to the heart preventing a person from cardio diseases.
how to meditation for beginners

Mantra Meditation:

Mantra meditation increases self-pity and self-awareness, also provides a greater sense of calm.

A Guide About How To Do Meditation For Beginners:

Meditation is an easy process to do there are little things necessary to consider. In this handy guide, complete details give about how to do meditation for beginners.

1.Find a Perfect and Hushed Place:

For any type of meditation, it is mandatory to find a place free of any kind of thrashing noises. It endorses experts to practice meditation in one place always in this way your brain starts to link that place with this activity of meditation and this proves helpful calmness and relaxation. There’s no hard and fast rule about the timings of meditation, you can perform it at any time according to your need or when a noise at your particular place of meditation is low.


2.Set Yourself :

This advocates doing comfortable and loose dressing whenever practicing meditation. Especially in the area of your knees, the clothes should be very loose and comfortable when you twist your legs. Meditation can practice in any posture standing, sitting, or even by lying.
how to meditate in bed
how to meditate in bed

3.Set timer:

For beginners, it is always suggested to start your meditation by having short sessions so you can have the best focus because as a beginner you won’t be able to maintain your heed for a long time. Place a time beside you. It recommends having a 5-10 minutes session as a novice. After two weeks start having a session of 10 minutes and in this way increase your session time. You can have such short span sessions 3 to 4 times a day according to your need.

4.Loosen Whole Body:

Make sure your whole body especially your eyes and muscles around them, eyelids have no pressure or stress. If you are focusing on thought then keep your eyes closed but if your center of attention is an object then keep your eyes open and make sure no other object place beside your concentration thing so you don’t have chances of distraction.

5.Maintain Attention:

If your attention diverts don’t feel irritated or annoyed. place your mind again in the center of attention. Your choice of an object can be according to your attention, not thinking of it as your goal because it can make you feel annoyed and you cannot go through the whole process.
need, circumstances, and happenings of the day. keep up your mind towards.

6.Set Aside The Articles That Can Divert Attention:

Make is sure to set aside any object that has a chance of seeking your attention if your center of attention is an object.
How To Position Your Body While Meditating:

Meditation While Standing:

This posture of meditation is helpful for people who have a routine of working most of the time throughout the day while sitting. Your back should be straight and joins both ankles together.
guided meditation for beginners

Meditation While Sitting:

Most people prefer to do meditation while sitting because of stability. Most human beings pick to take a seat down on a cushion on the ground but you can pick a chair to take a seat down on. The small round cushion calls Butuan or zafu. You may choose to place zafu on the carpet or floor according to your comfort level. If you feel that there are chances of restlessness during meditation by constant sitting you may place a cushion under your knees to elevate positive outcomes of the process. Many people search about how to meditate in bed because it prevents and treats many sleeping disorders including sleep apnea and insomnia etc.
how to meditate in bed
how to meditate in bed

Position of Hands:

The position of hands is very important in meditation. There is a wide spectrum in positioning your hands, you may place your hands on the femur or raise your hands in the air joined together in exactly correct alignment.

How To Select An Object Of Meditation:

Many people choose a candle as an object of concentration in meditation because its gaze is easy for beginners to focus on. Make sure to place a candle at an appropriate level and light in place or the room should be very dim. Close the curtains if there is a day outside. It’s good to choose a candle as your center of attention because every other intrusive thing in a particular area will felt to be fade away. Many people also choose articles having religious meaning to them or such words or phrases having sanctified meaning to them.

Benefits of Meditation:

One of the major advantages that meditation provides due to which people practice is stress reduction. An act of meditation has many advantages if a person knows how to do meditation for beginners. Some people live a life of serenity because they have brief and precise information about guided meditation for beginners.
It helps people to live in the future and make efforts to make the future bright instead of being stuck in dark pasts. It prepares people to combat stressful situations and prevents them to make negative judgments about their life instead a person starts accepting the things they are. This promotes creative and imaginative thoughts to become a reality. A person practicing meditation has an extreme level of tolerance and patience, manages anxiety and depression. If a person addict to some harmful thing, they should practice meditation as it helps to fight the addiction to various substances.

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