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Dookan- The Best Online Indian Grocery Store in Austria For Your Needs

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Grocery shopping is a necessity for living. The importance grows even further when you are an Indian ex-pat living in Austria. When you live outside India, you have to struggle for every basic necessity. Problems arise even more when you do not have the dietary preferences that prevail amongst the locals. Vegetarians, vegans, and non-vegetarians all have a different dietary preferences, and grocery shopping depends majorly on your preference.
For every problem, there is a solution. So to solve their problem, the solution is – the best Indian Grocery Store in Austria. The Variety of Products offered are premium quality and are available in brands that you and I have used back at home. Known brands give you the sense of much-needed comfort and familiarity, allowing us to get the feeling of being at home.
The familiarity with the goods and grocery items gives the nostalgic feeling of being at home. This Indian grocery store in Austria offers a wide variety of ready-to-eat snacks and items that you need to cook a complete meal. You can enjoy home-cooked full meals as well as snacks such as Khakhra, Bhakarwadi, etc.

How To Buy Indian Groceries In Austria?

Austria is a country with diverse eating habits with preferences ranging from light breakfast and light dinner and heavy lunch. Indians, but, prefer a full meal which makes it difficult to get the items required to prepare the supper. The magic of Indian and Indian dishes is not forgettable, and ex-pats crave for them, even more, when they live in a country like Austria.
Various methods make use of by the ex-pats, both working professionals, and students alike, out of which the following are the most popular:
  • Asking the relatives who visit them to get the parcel of their favorite goodies and hand it over to them.
  • Shop for favorite products from the neighborhood store (local store or the store in nearby city).
  • Shop for the favorite products from India itself and come to Austria carrying them.
  • Shopping from an online grocery portal that can deliver easily to your doorstep.
  • Getting the favorite goods through a parcel delivered to you.

how to open indian grocery store in australia

Out of the points mentioned above, the first, third, and fifth points are usually referred to by the students; the rest can afford by the working class living in Australia.
A convenient option amongst those listed above is the online ordering of the groceries that can deliver to your doorstep due to the obvious reasons of convenience, choosing products on your own, and the like.


Dookan’s Best Indian grocery store in Austria allows you to order your favorite products, snacks, and other grocery items at a single click. Delivered at your convenience, even during the late evening or early morning hours, this online store provides the flexibility you need, specifically if you are a student or a working professional trying to manage your daily life schedule. This is the best Indian grocery store in Austria that gives you the freedom to order goods at your pace sitting on your couch or while going to sleep or just after you have exercised or during recess hours etc.

Pros Of Buying From Dookan:

Dookan, the Indian grocery store in Austria, One of the most trusted stores among the Indian ex-pats living in Austria. Indian ex-pats can swear by the benefits received from this Indian online grocery store. Any other store does not offer the umpteen amounts of benefits received from this Indian grocery store in Austria.
indian grocery store in australia
Indian grocery store in Australia
Some of the perks that Indian residents in Austria receive from Dookan are:
  • Free shipping on every order irrespective of the amount of order that you are placing.
  • App-specific discounts make shopping all the more fun and enjoyable. More buying equals more saving.
  • Insane variety with familiar brands and premium quality which is sure to make you feel nostalgic.
  • Insanely fresh produce that reaches your doorstep as fresh as it arrives in the store.
  • Delivery at your convenience you might arrive home from the office in the evening, and they will do an evening delivery for you. Since their Start, they determine and dedicated to providing you the best qualities that none other can provide.

Wrapping Up:

Grocery shopping does not have to be a menace, specifically in the time of pandemic that we are all in. Once we decide to shop from the online store, there is no going back since the benefits and amount of perks that we receive are too good and not found in offline stores in which we need our physical presence.

online indian grocery store in australia

Dookan provides benefits that are not equated with benefits provided by any other online grocery store. They give exciting offers and discount coupons and rebates which means that you buy more, you save more. They also allow you the flexibility to buy according to your own needs instead of that of the stores that want you to have the smallest order limit to offer you free shipping on your orders. With Dookan as your grocery and product partner, you don’t need to buy the bulk items. Shop smart with the right store, not hard. This is especially beneficial in covid -19 when the need to maintain social distance is at an all-time high and avoiding crowds is like finding a gold mine. Buy Indian snacks online to get the money’s worth and the smart offers to give you savings that keep your shopping on a budget.

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