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Facts About Pros And Cons of Matte And Countertops.

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Matte countertops are, in fact, the new normal. Kitchen remodeling is an incredible idea, but only if you are not denting the wallet. No doubt, you’re first and foremost choice for kitchen remodeling is cabinetry. But do you think it’s all? It is vital to keep an eye on other aspects as well.
Whether it’s your kitchen cabinetry or kitchen countertop, all things are important. Other than colors, the second most importantly vital for the kitchen is the countertop finishes. Generally, for kitchen countertops, you have common choices. Matte countertops or glossy countertops.
Probably you can easily select between the two. For kitchen countertops, you can choose any material color or finish. Mainly it depends on your need. Furthermore, a gloss finish refers to the reflected surface or a shine. But, a matte countertop does not have a shiny format. Instead of a shine or a gloss, it’s quite simple. But, matte countertops have certain advantages and disadvantages.
Before making a final choice, carefully weigh down the pros and cons of matte countertops. Let’s begin: 

Pros of Matte Countertops:

Matte countertops have certain benefits. Although matte finishes are available in all the home centers and nearby countertops shops, you still need to be vigilant. Before buying the countertops online or in stores, always consider the reputation. If you are buying the countertops on an online platform, you have read all the customer testimonials. Given below are the most obvious benefits of matte countertops.

granite vs quartz countertops
granite vs quartz countertops

Reduce glare:

Matte countertops finish is least reflective. As compared to the glossy finish, the matte finish does not shine. It is a wonderful choice for the kitchen that has excessive light. This finish is good in dealing with glare and different reflections.


Matte countertops are trendy. Homeowners love these countertops for having a sleek and sophisticated look.

Concealing messes:

Matte countertops, unlike the glossy counterparts, are great in dealing with messes. They are more potent in hiding stains, smudges, and scratches. Due to its simple and less shiny surface, all the flaws get blended. This finish is great for a busy kitchen. Not need any extensive maintenance, though.

 A  Great Alternative to a Glossy Finish:

Matte countertops are subtle and smooth in appearance as compared to a glossy finish. They easily handle all the imperfections. This is mainly because of the less shiny surface.

Amazing textures:

No doubt gloss finish is so popular. The kitchen usually fixes them easily. But, for contrast, you can go for the matte finishes. Matte indeed provides a great texture with an amazing sleek and stylish look.

Cons of Matte Countertops:

Besides a lot of advantages, there are many downsides as well. Matte countertops do not have a good reputation in residential kitchens that are extensively small. Although they do not produce any glare, fewer lighting fixtures will damage the entire look. Keep in mind that opt for this finish only for broad kitchens. If you want to have a matte look, consider all the below-mentioned downsides as well.

quartz countertops vs granite
quartz countertops vs granite

Not good for Smaller Kitchens:

For smaller kitchens, don’t opt this choice. Glossy kitchen countertops are good for small size kitchens. Matte finishes absorb light and do not reflect it. But, in the case of glossy finishes, the kitchen looks more spacious and brighter.

More Spill Incidences:

Matte finishes are good in concealing spills, smudges, and spills. But, they are not good at dealing with preventing spills. Matte finishes strongly build up the grease, oil, and other material. As a result, they need tough cleaning.

Tough cleaning:

Matte surfaces need tough cleaning. Countertops are, in fact, not easy to clean. Mate surfaces usually absorb the stains and hold them permanently. These stains are difficult to remove. Unless and until you will replace the countertops, you will not catch the vibes.

pros and cons of concrete countertops
pros and cons of concrete countertops


Perhaps, choosing the perfect kitchen countertop finish is not so easy. For material choice, there are myriads of options available. But, when selecting a countertop finish, you only have two options, either a glossy countertop or a matte countertop.
 Besides material, color, and other aesthetics requirements, looking into countertop finish is equally vital. Today most homeowners usually weigh down everything. Now by having an idea about matte countertops’ pros and cons, you can easily find the right ones for you.

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