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IVF Vs IUI: Success Rates, The Procedures and Costs.

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IVF vs IUI- Let’s start the journey by comparing the profile of both IVF and IUI. In this article, we describe the two most common fertility methods: IVF ( in vitro fertilization) and IUI (intrauterine insemination). Both methods are different. Read this article and learn about the difference between IVF and IUI cost, procedures, and success rate.

Before the treatment double-check everything regarding the experience of the doctor and what type of machines and methods he is using for treatment. And is it safe for your not? For safe and secure IVF treatment, we highly recommended Mishka Fertility which is the best  IVF center in Jaipur. Here all doctors are well experienced and during treatment, they will do proper take care.

What is IVF ( In vitro fertilization):

The process of this treatment is female eggs are removed from the ovaries and then those eggs are fertilized in the laboratory this is all process done through surgeries. These eggs are fertilized with the sperm of the partner or donor for creating the embryos.

After some time, the final embryos will be transferred to the female uterus in the hope of pregnancy. IVF is the most powerful and successful treatment for infertility.

Whatis IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)?

The other name of IUI is “artificial insemination,” this process is a non-surgical process done by a physician. In this, sperm taken by a male partner or the sperm of a donor is directly sent into the female patient’s uterus. By insemination, which starts at the time of ovulation, and by giving sperm a head start, increases the chances of pregnancy. On the other hand, if we compare IVF vs IUI, then IUI is less effective, less invasive, and less costly.


IVI Vs IUI: Process:

Let’s start reviewing both cycles.  And compare them according to the costs, process, and success rate. Both cycles work different also the process and cost of both cycles are different here we explain everything about them. Therefore, compare them according to you and choose which one is best for you. Or from which cycle you will get the fast and safe results. Or from which cycle you will get a fast and safe result.

The IVF Process:

First, let’s discuss the process of IVF.

For making the IVF treatment successful, there is a need for plenty of eggs, and to increase the number of eggs, doctors prescribed medicines to female patients. When a person goes through this process, it is also necessary to go through the ultrasound, regular checkups, and blood tests. The second step does with a hollow needle bt which eggs will take out from the female patient’s vagina. This comes in another part of the surgery. After the process completes the sperm of the donor and partner is mixed with eggs.

The IUI Process:

During this process, doctors always keep their eyes on the eggs, which helps them check if the process is going appropriately After the five days of fertilization, embryos seem ready and placed in the womb of the patient. After that, if embryos implant successfully in the lining of the uterus, then there is a hope of pregnancy,

IVF Vs IUI Success Rate:

If we compare IVF vs IUI, then the IVF is more expensive in comparison to IUI. Also, the success rate of IVF is higher. Many factors depend on the success rate, including the partner’s age and medical history. Don’t confuse. Let’s discuss and compare both success rates.

Female patients age                IVF success rate                         IUI success rate

Under 35 13% 54%
35–37 10% 40%
38–40 7% 26%
Over 40 4% 8%


Therefore, the difference between the success rate of both processes, there is also a difference between the cost of both procedures. If we include the monitoring and insemination process, then the average cost of IUI treatment is Rs 12000 to Rs 17000. And the average cost of IVF treatment is Rs 100,000 to 150,000. Including monitoring, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer. Also cost vary from person to person.


This article compares IVF vs IUI, including their costs, procedure, and success rate. However, before going through, always check these things and then select the clinic and doctor for the treatment. Hope this article will help you by giving you the proper knowledge about IVF and IUI. Sometimes the success rate of both procedures is not possible on the first attempt.

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