Is Third-Party Microsoft Office 365 Backup Solution Necessary?

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Microsoft 365 data protection is dependent on the Shared Responsibility Model. Shared Responsibility is a concept proposed by Microsoft. The Model suggests that users and providers share data protection responsibilities. delivering the Microsoft 365 platform to its customers worldwide should be the provider’s goal. Thus, the Office 365 infrastructure and applications should work for every customer around the world. But, it is the users’ sole responsibility to protect their data from threats coming from Microsoft data centers. This means that Microsoft is not responsible for data loss that may result from accidents such as accidental deletions, ransomware attacks, or insider threats.
Despite that, Microsoft offers great features and tools which you can use to secure your data:

Microsoft Defender:

AntiVirus-Comparatives offers advanced threat protection with this anti-virus solution. Your emails, SharePoint Online, the Teams, as well as OneDrive attachments, can protect in real-time with it. A phishing attack can detect and stopped by Microsoft Defender before it occurs.

microsoft office 365
Microsoft office 365

Data encryption :

You can encrypt your emails and working files in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Teams using ciphertext data encryption with Microsoft 365. By encrypting your data, you can transfer it in an unreadable state, allowing only the individuals with a decryption key to access it.

Single item recovery:

If you deleted an Exchange online email message, you can search for it and recover it if the retention period for the item has not yet expired. It is possible to recover messages that were automatically deleted as of a result of retention policies, as well as messages that were accidentally deleted.

eDiscovery tools:

The tools listed here are innovative tools that can provide a boost to your data protection. eDiscovery tools consist of the following components:

 Advanced search:

You can quickly find the needed items in your Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Teams sites. If you find the items, you can download them to your computer.

Role-based access:

permissions can assign to a specific individual or group of individuals to manage certain high-level technical tasks. It is possible to improve Office 365 security by limiting the number of people who can access your data.

microsoft office 365
Microsoft office 365
Legal hold :
You can place a legal hold on some information if it needs to preserve for legal reasons. Your data cannot delete if a legal hold is in place. The solution permits you to establish communication with the custodian of a case. An administrator responsible for managing specific information knows as a case custodian. If you would like to place a legal hold on a document or account, you can send a legal hold notification to the custodian.
Case management:
Activities associated with specific cases can watch and manage. It is possible to limit access to information on a case to the assigned personnel. Additionally, you can grant access to certain employees only to view the contents of the case.
Analytics allows you to group similar documents. By arranging data in this manner, you will start to reduce the amount of paperwork to review. Each document in a set has a theme attached to it when you are reviewing it. E-discovery tools can use to locate other documents that have similar themes. When trying to analyze a case, research an issue, or research a certain topic, this is helpful.
By utilizing various tools, our freelance Apple Certified Mac Technicians (ACMT) can provide you with virus removal, adware removal, malware removal, and spyware removal services.
microsoft office 365
Microsoft office 365
There is no doubt that Microsoft offers amazing features for protecting your data. But, it does not guarantee that your data will protect in the event of data loss. Maintaining your business data’s safety can achieve by performing frequent backups. Backing up your data can ensure your data remains accessible regardless of how you lose it. Thus, you should put in place an efficient backup solution for your business to ensure the availability and recovery of your data. It is simple, easy to use, affordable, and lightweight to use a modern backup solution for Office 365.
These are some of its capabilities:
  • Performing incremental backups.
  • Recovery of granular material.
  • Performing onsite and offline data backups.
  • Scheduling your backups.
  • Monitoring your backups and displaying them.
  • Creating a data retention policy.
  • Search your backups quickly for specific items.
  • Encrypting your data at rest or during transmission.
  • Access control based on role.
  • Automating the backup process.

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