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The 5 Most Recommended Office Supply Storage Ideas in 2021.

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During this remote working setup, the majority of employed adults find it hard to keep up with their heavy workloads. If you are one of them, you are probably thinking of ways to boost your effectiveness, reduce your daily stress, and maybe even help you get a nice little promotion. You can achieve all of those things if you have an organized work environment.
A study revealed that clutter can make your brain think that you have a lot of unfinished work to do. The things on your desk will trigger a stress response. Knowing this, it is very important to maintain an organized workspace to lessen your stress level. If the thought of working on a messy desk now terrifies you, it is high time that you do something about it. Below is a list of organizational ideas that you can adapt to your home office!
There is a wide range of office supply storage ideas but not all of them can improve your home office. So to help you in making decisions, we have put together an extensive list of the most recommended ones in the market today. They outperform other models because of their ability to open up valuable desk space and store a large number of office supplies.

Birdrock Home rolling box storage organizer:

Storage doesn’t have to be a simple box with plain colors and typical designs. It can be as unconventional and as unique as this Birdrock Home box storage organizer hand-woven by skilled weavers using abaca materials. It comes with strong handles for you to carry it without facing any inconveniences. Aside from this, it has a lid that will keep all items out of sight. It is versatile storage since it can hold both letter and legal-size files. You can also buy one to give your kid’s toys, pillows, blankets, and closet accessories a place of their own.
office supply storage ideas
office supply storage ideas
This storage organizer has 4 robust wheels which will allow you to move it from one place to another without any hassle. These spherical wheels will give you a smooth-rolling feel because they all have steel ball bearings. It has a dimension of 12.5” width x 14.5” depth x 13” height and weighs 10 lbs. It is available in three gorgeous colors namely, brown wash, espresso, and natural.

Sorbus acrylic desk organizer:

The Sorbus acrylic desk organizer is a 3 piece set that can serve as a medium tray holder, note pad holder, and cup holder. Each of them can hold up to 500 sheets of paper. Its stylish appearance can serve as a decorative item in your workspace. With this organizer, you can no longer misplace your post-it notes and other memos containing important information regarding your deadlines. Besides that, it is also great for storing pens, pencils, clips, rubber bands, and office gadgets.
The desk organizer has a modern and sleek design made possible by its acrylic materials and white lacquer-like finish. The dimension of the medium tray holder is 11.75” L x .5” W x 3.50”, the note pad holder is 4.50” L x 4.50 W x 4.50″ while the cup holder is 3” L x 4.50 W x 4.50”.

Deli desk organizer:

The Deli desk organizer is available in 3 different sizes. You can purchase the basic version with 3 compartments, the pro version with 3 compartments but with an additional storage case, and the basic version with 4 compartments. The latter offers the largest storage space which can hold thick books, magazines, and file folders. When you place it on your desk, you can easily reach all your work essentials. As a result, you will not waste time looking for them in every part of the house.
home office supply storage ideas
home office supply storage ideas
The manufacturer used solid and environmentally friendly HIPS engineering plastics in crafting this organizer. Since it comes with a 365-day warranty, you can return the item and expect that the seller will replace it or refund your money if it malfunctions within a year.
Bestier office storage cabinet:
The Bestier office cabinet consists of an environmentally friendly P2 board that passed the standards set by the California Air Resources Board. It can maintain its color and quality even if you accidentally expose it to water, more importantly, it is anti-scratch. The fact that it can hold printers and other office products at the same time can tell so much of its sturdiness and durability.
office supply storage ideas
office supply storage ideas
This cabinet’s oak finish can create a classical and warmer atmosphere in your home office. With a dimension of 15.75” W x 21.26” x 23.23” L. It has a maximum holding capacity of 130 lbs. All of the items are safe because it has ball bearing slides, reinforced structure, and 2 supporting casters.
Seville Classics cart storage organizer:
Made from chrome and plastic steel, this Seville Classics cart storage organizer is perfect to place in an industrial-themed home office. It offers up to 15 drawers available in different colors. It provides plenty of space to keep all your office supplies. As a result, you can never have a messy desk ever again. It has an opaque finish which enables you to protect its contents from peeping eyes. You can use it to protect your documents and work essentials from any damages and keep them away from dust and insects. If there are drawers left empty after organizing your work supplies, you can use them to store your makeup, cosmetics, craft supplies, and garage tools.
This cart storage organizer has four caster wheels with a lock system so that you can easily change its position in your home office. Its tall handles make pushing and pulling a piece of cake. It has a dimension of 15.3 x 25.2 x 38.2 inches.
In Conclusion:
Now that working from home is becoming the new normal, it is necessary to invest in storage organizers. They will encourage you to become more productive and efficient in accomplishing your heavy workload. For sure, you found something you like among the listed storage organizers above. Make sure to visit storables.com for more organization tips and tricks!

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