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Body fragments: the latest swimwear for summer 2021.

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For some girls, the phrase “beach season” evokes a wild desire to hide under the bed until October, while others – a smug smirk or joyful anticipation. However, it is difficult to argue with the fact that almost everyone likes to swim in warm water in the open air.

For me, water has always been the best killer of bad thoughts in my head. And she was also great at comforting in her arms when the day was not very successful.
The bathroom is, of course, a divine place: there are gels, a cat on a side, and hot water. But … Just imagine: what if this bathroom is in the open air? Yes, without a cat and your favorite shampoo, but with incredibly beautiful nature around, with friends who have food, and with a bunch of people pissing into the water (cross out the necessary).

However, there is one problem: in the bathroom, you are left alone with your body, which does not need any cover during water procedures. On the beach, on an ordinary beach with ordinary people, you need to wear something. And for some, every season the choice of a swimsuit really turns into a real, large-scale, with torment and fire, a problem. Especially if the figure is not quite perfect. Particularly if you want to look trendy while swimming and beach volleyball. And, importantly, to feel comfortable and confident (“God, God, I hope in this position the stomach does not look like the accordion of that guy by the subway …”).

I wanted to help those girls who have not yet found their perfect swimsuit for the summer of 2021. The one that will emphasize your figure and will look stylish. For convenience, I have divided the swimwear into blocks. Eee… we’re starting! Spin the swimsuit drum!

Classics game:

This block will focus on ageless models (and I’m not talking about Cindy and Heidi right now).

Bikinis in the classic sense and options with a top-bandeau are the heroes of this block.

The snake bikini appeared a long time ago, but the public stopped shocking only in the 50s – largely thanks to Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. A swimsuit consisting of two different parts – well, nonsense! Naked belly!

Until now, this type of bathing suit has not lost its relevance – except that it has become a little less popular than in the nineties and zero. The classic bikini consists of a triangle top and drawstring panties (the panties are pretty closed, but not the shorts). The bodice from the swimsuit is usually also with ties, but there are also models with straps and clasps like ordinary bras (for those who like tanning without these white pieces of skin around the neck).


How is the bikini doing in 2021?

If you decide to purchase such a model, take it in a bright color, without decor in the form of rhinestones and other evil spirits and, which would be nice, without a print. Let’s experiment with the print just below. And it is better to take the restrained panties – leave the thongs to the enemy. 

What is a bright color? Blue-yellow. Turquoise. Red is almost always a safe bet. All of these colors are relevant today and look great on tanned skin. From the classics, I recommend staying on black or white – and go no further.

The matching top and bottom is the golden rule of such sets, which, however, does not drive you into the framework of only two of its components. This means that you can match many panties in contrasting colors to one bodice and vice versa.

When choosing such a set, I recommend saying “laconicism” aloud every 20 minutes and continue searching. It helps against rash shopping for leopard and lycra swimwear. 

Who to wear: yes, it’s hard to put up with it, but a separate swimsuit looks beautiful only on a slender figure, or at least on one that is close to that. You can say: “Yes, I did not care about these rules of yours,” close the article and go into the night but think: it will be convenient to sunbathe in a bikini, yes. But playing volleyball? Outdoor games in the water? And will it be psychologically comfortable with a bare abdomen? (#body positivists_ left_for_me_me)
Well, to all Victoria’s Secret angels reading this article, I say that a bikini is the safest option – both for tanning, and for lightness and small breasts, and for demonstrating year-round work in the hall and your good taste.


Closed not as usual:

There was a time when one-piece swimsuits left the beaches. Rarely flashed monokinis do not count. It seemed that they were gone forever. But now we know these guys were just hiding from the police for a while.

This summer, one-piece swimsuits are more popular than ever! And today it is not only an option for overweight girls – it is a profitable and fashionable investment for everyone.

Which one-piece swimsuits should you buy in the remaining July-August?
There are several options:

semi-classic: remember those one-piece swimsuits with a very open back and a classic bottom fit? So, today you can buy a similar option, only it will be on thin straps and with a more seductive cut in the front. One-piece swimsuits in dark colors with a funny pattern or lettering on the front are very popular. Such a swimsuit is suitable for girls with almost any breast size (for breasts larger than the third size, you can purchase a model with sewn cups) and any type of figure (it will lengthen your legs well and steal a small tummy at night). Such a swimsuit is one of the most psychologically comfortable ones.


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