Social Media Applications: Friends without Benefits.

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You must be having friends. It does not matter how many do you have, everyone has a few such friends those who are there for benefits. They expect something in exchange for the help they provide. It becomes important to protect ourselves from such people as they are the ones who could ditch you at any time. However, if you are in a need of a true friend who doesn’t expect anything from you, it does not necessarily mean it has to be a human being.
We are talking about Social Media Applications that have become one of the best mediums for people who wish to have a friend in their life. What are things that you require in a good friend? Let’s name them!
  • Guide you on all the right matters
  • Help you whenever you are in trouble
  • Help you get out of complicated things
  • Protect yourself from fraudsters
  • Make things easy for you
  • Be available 24/7, etc.

what are the social media applications

If you have used SMA like Whatsapp, Instagram, Connected, Facebook, etc., these applications fulfill all the needs of a friend. These applications have developed using algorithms that can figure out things on their own. Almost every social media application you might have on your mobile phone has features of Artificial Intelligence. It can perform things on its own.
As you must have read the points above, let us discuss how Social Media applications fulfill all these points.

A Mentor/Guide:

Social Media Applications work like a mentor or a guide. These applications can guide you on the all-right matters and keep you updated on things taking place in and around the world. These applications can even guide you on matters where you might feel stressed out. All you have to do is open any social media application, search for the topic you are looking and make yourself media management applications

Available 24/7:

All the Social Media Applications are available for the users 24/7. These applications can access anywhere and anytime you want them to use. The most amazing part of these social media applications is that they offer an amazing platform to the users to make more friends or to communicate with strangers. Since you can access these applications 24/7, it becomes easy for you to remain in touch with your overseas friends and talk to them according to their schedules.
Protect You Frauds:
You must be wondering how social media applications can protect you from fraud. `There are many influencers and tech experts in social media applications. These people constantly share information on the types and nature of frauds that are taking place every other day. By following these people, you can easily understand the areas where these fraudsters are active. You also get to know tips and tricks that can protect you from these fraudsters and make digital platforms safe for you.

most popular social media applications

These points must have informed you about the ways that make social media applications your best friend in need.

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