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How to Wash an Adult Cat for the First Time?

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Several reasons can play a role, which shows why your cat needs a bath for the first time. One of the reasons may be your cat becomes dirty, or any other reason such as it catches fleas or insects. The cats groom and clean themselves with consistency so bathing should do only in situations when you do not have any other choice.
It is not necessary to frequently wash a cat but in situations like extremely dirty cats. Your cat stops cleaning herself, when it recommends by a veterinarian or coming in contact with toxic products it becomes necessary to wash a cat. The mentioned few above are situations when it becomes necessary to wash your cat.
Choosing the right product is another important thing to consider before you plan to wash your cat. Besides following the right procedure is also essential. First things first, before getting started with the process is, what you will need to wash the cat?
  • The shampoo, which is especially for cats.
  • Towels
  • A large bucket with warm water
  • A small cat brush for combing your cat, if your cat has long hair then you will also need a detangling brush.
  • Conditioner especially for cats.
After you have all the things available that you are going to need to wash your cat. You can now begin with the process to wash your cat.

Steps to Wash an Adult Cat:

A step-by-step guide will help you wash your adult cat easily. To make this process smooth and worth enjoying for your cat follow the listed below tips and guidance.

1. Brush Your Cat:

Start by setting up everything that you need for the cat in the bathroom. If you brush your cat before giving a bath to your cat. It will be more helpful as it thoroughly to removes accumulated dirt. While brushing be gentle and make this process smooth.
Brushing is an essential step to clean your cat but make sure brushing will not make hair more tangled. So, using the right and the best-quality brush is very important.
If you are washing your cat for the first time it recommends to seek someone else’s help. Because a cat that never has a bath before can be reluctant to go to water. It may also become aggressive before you start, so to avoid this it is good to have help while you wash your cat.

2. Wet your Cat and Apply Shampoo:

The next step is to get your cat and apply shampoo. Again, choose the best cat shampoo for your feline to avoid any sort of mishap. Never put water on your cat’s head or face directly, it is the most important tip to remember when you wash your cat. Only wet the body of your cat with lukewarm water.
Wash an Adult Cat
Wash an Adult Cat
Massage gently and stop when you think it is enough. Avoid the contact of cat shampoo with your cat’s eyes.

3. Rinse Off with Lukewarm Water:

Once it is wet now apply shampoo and start massaging, your cat will probably love this step. After massaging thoroughly and you are satisfied that your cat cleans. Rinse off with lukewarm water, be careful at this point, and do not be so harsh.
While rinsing off make sure your cat will not become aggressive. Usually, cats become aggressive at this point and they might attack in aggression.

4. Always Use Dry Towel for Cleaning:

After you rinse off with water take a dry towel and pat dry your cat. If your cat has short hair then drying using the towel will be easier. You can also use a hairdryer if your cat has long hair. Drying your cat after a bath is also very important and you cannot leave your cat wet.
Wash an Adult Cat
Wash an Adult Cat
To protect your cat from getting sick it is necessary to dry your cat after washing.

5. Apply Conditioner:

After drying it is time to apply conditioner to your cat. This step is not necessarily important and it is your choice to apply conditioner. If you are applying conditioners, make sure to choose the best quality hair conditioners for the cat.
The conditioner will make the hair of your cat silky, smooth and straight. So, if you apply it to your cat it will be highly beneficial.


Washing your cat is not always necessary, it becomes necessary in a certain situation when your cat becomes extremely dirty. If you are washing your cat for the first time, it is very important to follow a proper guide to wash your cat.
Cats can be aggressive while getting a bath. Being a cat parent, it is your responsibility to make her comfortable and be gentle while cleaning your cat. Proper and complete guidance on how to wash a cat perfectly as mentioned above in the article.

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