15 Great Tips For Learn About Perfect Golf Swing.

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How we become the perfect golf swing. Golf, A game that is Interesting and Intense but it always depends on Skill and Luck and the way you Swing.

Tip.1: Club Position:

Now, the club is the main game and you have to know where to put it, Rest the club behind the ball NOT touching it, and first set your position. You should stay steady and try not to shiver and ignore any distractions your way

Tip.2: Back Position:

Your upper body should tilt but your back should be straight and make sure your back doesn’t bend make sure your back is straight. Remember you should be a fit ad in shape so you should workout and maintain a good diet too.


Tip.3: Arms and Shoulders:

You also need to keep your arms straight but don’t press too hard it will cause pain but arms should line with the shoulder with no bends.

Tip.4: Lower Body:

Your lower body needs to bend the knees a bit but not too much. Remember: try to take the shot but your aim should not be out but try to shoot rather than talking a long time.


Tip.5: The Swing/ Shoot:

The main part is the swing so it has to be perfect.
Move your arms up making a slope in the middle of your arms and aim. Twist your waist a little but still looking straight down.
perfect golf swing
perfect golf swing
Pull the club back as instructed and then hit the ball and try to get the best aim possible to get the perfect hit. In your first tries you might miss but don’t lose your motivation. You also have to calculate by the distance how should you shoot. If the distance is far away then shoot a little harder and if the distance is closer then shoot a little slower. It will some investment for you to get its hang if you are new.

Tip.6: Practice:

“Practice makes Perfect” You need to apply this to your golf game. continue to shoot the ball until you get its hang! It will some investment yet it justify, despite all the trouble. You should focus o whatever you are doing and ignore all distractions.

Tip.7: Confidence:

BE CONFIDENT! You should always believe in yourself and be positive even if you don’t get it right but you shouldn’t say I can’t do it, you should say I will do it next time and achieve!.

Tip.8: Learning From The Mistakes:

You should know when you mess up a shot and why you did it ad find the cause of what happened whether it was pain, slip, shaking or anything point out your mistakes and practice. There is plenty of sources out there like YouTube with tutorials which you can use! Find your mistakes and improve so you become perfects and do your best and win.

Tip.9: Anger Control:

Never let anger take over you and destroy your game, Stay focused and calm at all times as anger is a thing you don’t want. It’s alright if you miss a shot practice.
the perfect golf swing in slow motion
the perfect golf swing in slow motion

Tip.10: Cheaper Is Not Better:

Don’t aim for the cheaper club as the quality is important and the main component of the club is the shaft. The shaft needs to be of good quality and good size, buy the good quality ones. You can practice with the cheap ones but it is not recommended as you will get used to it and then you will not be able to use the better one.

Tip.11: Learn The Game:

Before you start playing golf you should learn all the basic rules and etiquette to play. There are platforms like YouTube and other sites that teach the A-Z of golf. Get to know how to use all the equipment and try to learn the names and common vocabulary so you can UNDERSTAND the game first and all the terms. Golf is a complicated game if you don’t understand it. It may look easy on T.V or Videos but if you get in the ground by yourself then you know the true meaning of this game.
perfect golf swing slow motion
perfect golf swing slow motion

Tip.12: Knowledge From Others:

If you still are having problems with the game then it is better to hire an instructor who will help you. The instructor will help you with the game and show you how to swing and play better. Try to hire an Instructor who is more experienced. You should take tips and ask every query you have. It will assist you with increasing your game. Remember that practice makes perfect so the instructor will only instruct you, you have to do it yourself.
the perfect golf swing in slow motion
the perfect golf swing in slow motion

Tip.13: Grip:

You need to have a grip on your club to shoot farther so getting a better-gripped club will help and you should practice shooting anywhere with no particular aim to master it. You Can go to an empty park or even on the lawn of your home (but be sure not to break the window or anything) and shoot. This will help you master your swing.

Tip.14: An Inspiration:

Having inspiration helps. If you have a favorite Golf player you can take inspiration from him and understand his back story of how many struggles he came through and the obstacles he faced inspires anyone and that would push you to work harder and no matter what happens I will not give up. You will get good.

Tip.15: Avoid Pressure:

It is hard to take the intense pressure before swinging the club to have a good swing, you ought to be peaceful and focused. Remember to stay in the present and stay calm all the time. It is hard but it is the key to open all doors. If you have a crowded mind with all kinds of scared thoughts then you will not be able to think and so STAY FOCUSED.

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