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Who sells the best Pakistani wedding dresses in the UK.

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Are you or a loved one about to get married? Maybe you’re worried about not being able to find the right wedding dress for a Pakistani-themed or traditional ceremony? Here at Studio by TCS, we’ve got you covered! We’re here to answer your wedding woes, and make sure you know just how to get your hands on the right Pakistani wedding dress for you

Finding Your Perfect Pakistani Wedding Dress:

We have a wide range of Pakistani wedding dresses available via our site, handcrafted by a variety of Pakistani designers and fashion houses. You’ll be able to source a traditional look and well-made outfit here, from a curated collection of the top style and talent in the Pakistani fashion world

The Best Site to Buy Pakistani Wedding Dresses:

Studio by TCS is the best site to surf a wide collection of Pakistani wedding dresses. We take our time in curating our fashion ranges, to ensure you only have the highest quality options to buy from. And when it comes to dressing up for one of the biggest days of your life, we want you to feel at peace with the wedding dress options available to you. Our customer experience design is to be smooth and entirely personal to you, so be sure to get in touch if you need any more information.

wedding dresses pakistani online
wedding dresses Pakistani online

The Wedding Dresses in Our Collection:

All wedding dresses can be bought in traditional sizes or make to order on a case-by-case basis. We aim to help you have the big day of your dreams, and we know the wedding celebrations truly revolve around a wedding dress that makes you look every inch the bride you’re supposed to be

online wedding dresses pakistani

We sell wedding dresses made by Nilofer Shahid, who aim to combine elements of both the traditional and the contemporary. Made to be statement pieces in both fabric and color, you’ll find something incredibly soft, velvety, and alluring if you shop in this line of our Pakistani wedding dresses. One such dress is the Maribelle; based on a Pashmina flow, this dress will catch the eye of all attendees on your big day, and make you feel like a modern-day princess
Or perhaps a Pinetree item is more your style? All dresses me out of Muslin and embellished, meaning you’ll guarantee to wear a high-quality item when walking down the aisle. The Sana Jawaid Pink Dress is a popular hit for those needing a Pakistani wedding dress; made to feel soft on the skin, this is a very versatile and form-fitting dress that’ll really embrace your curve and natural look to make you feel beautiful on your wedding day

If either of the above dress lines is still not in your style, you can try something made by Yasmin Zaman. The F-180 is a classic example of this designer’s work, with an open-backed blouse and bottom, made to give the Pakistani feel a slight Western embrace as well.

party wedding dresses pakistani
party wedding dresses Pakistani

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