5 Alternatives for eClinicalWorks EMR

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eClinicalWorks is a Massachusetts-based firm that provides healthcare professionals software and services such as electronic medical records (EMR), practice management, and personal health records. As per the corporation, their software use over 115,000 physicians and 70,000 hospitals in the United States.
eClinicalWorks mainly targets medical practices and allows clinicians to view and use as much or as little personal wellness data of their patients as they desire. Any hospital system that follows Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise guidelines can use the EHR. eClinicalWorks has a 10% market share of cloud-based EHR vendors as of 2016.
Although eClinicalWorks EMR is excellent software, people like to still explore their options. If you are looking for eClinicalWorks EMR Software alternatives, you have come to the right place. No more searching around because we’ll tell you the top 5 alternatives for eClinicalWorks EMR. Before we do that, let’s look at some of the top features of eClinicalWorks EMR.

 eClinicalWorks EMR
eClinicalWorks EMR

Key features of eClinicalWorks EMR:

Appointment scheduling: eClinicalWorks takes care of all the appointments and not only that, in case of cancellations the software fills up the spot with new appointments. This not only streamlines the whole process but also reduces administration load.
Electronic Prescriptions: This feature allows you to electronically send prescriptions directly to the pharmacies. Patients can easily collect their medication from there making the whole process streamlined.
Telemedicine Solutions: With eClinicalWorks telemedicine software, patients did not have to visit any office or clinic. This feature helps majorly in times like Covid-19 Pandemic.
Seamless Integration: eClinicalWorks allows you to easily integrate with other software needed to help improve the healthcare system faster.
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Alternatives of eClinicalWorks EMR:

Epic EMR:

Epic EHR is certainly deserving of a spot on our list due to the numerous great features that make it one of the most renowned EHR alternatives on the marketplace. The system simply enables clients to log on to their own portal from which they may plan their own consultations, look at their billing, and much more.
The patient portal function in this software helps you to greatly minimize your administrative tasks. All of this helps you lessen the number of duties you have to complete on your end while also involving your patients in your practice, which helps you keep them for longer!


ChartLogic EHR is the second system on our list of best eClinicalWorks substitutes, and it’s another terrific option for a variety of reasons. The software offers a fantastic billing tool that makes life much easier for you.
The billing feature simplifies a big percentage of your billing, which allows you to reduce the number of billing errors or mistakes. This leads to you getting reimbursed from your patients much faster. A good billing function can help your practice’s cash flow tremendously, which is something that each successful organization should strive for.


AthenaOne is another excellent program with many useful features. This software offers a great e-prescription capability. It allows you to create prescriptions digitally and have them picked up at whichever pharmacy is most convenient for your patients.
The software also includes a fantastic patient scheduling option that allows you to schedule as many patients as possible in a single day. The software also sends appointment reminders to your patients, lowering the frequency of no-shows.


AdvancedMD EHR, a notable EHR software solution, is the next program on our list of eClinicalWorks EMR alternatives. This software features a fantastic template feature that allows you to choose from a variety of alternatives.
You can even make more changes to the template if you think it would be better suited to your needs with a few tweaks. The billing tool in AdvancedMD is also quite beneficial. It allows you to limit the number of billing mistakes that could otherwise result in problems. Overall, because the program maintains track of these things, you can ensure that your patients pay their bills considerably sooner using AdvancedMD EHR.

eClinicalWorks EMR
eClinicalWorks EMR


NueMD is the last program on our list of eClinicalWorks alternatives. This app also includes a number of useful features. This software’s claims management feature enables you to file claims much more swiftly, allowing you to get reimbursed much more quickly. The software also ensures that you make fewer mistakes in your claims, resulting in fewer rejections.
The software also includes an excellent dashboard that you will quickly become accustomed to. The reduction in the amount of time it takes to become familiar with the software is critical. That’s because no one enjoys grappling with a high learning curve!

Final thoughts!

If you’re wondering which of these programs we would recommend, we can’t make that decision for you. However, we can give you some pointers!
You should read as many evaluations as possible to see what current employers think of the software. This will offer you the most accurate picture of how it works. The next step is to review all of the features available in these programs. Once you do that, select the one with the most features that are relevant to your needs.
We would also recommend reading as many eClinicalWorks EMR reviews and understand where the software lacks the most. Finally, we recommend requesting a software demo from the provider so that you can see how the software works. Overall, we are confident that any program you choose from our eClinicalWorks EMR alternatives will be the best choice for you!

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