6 Best Logo Maker Tools to Create Free Amazing Logos in Minutes.

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6 Best Logo Maker Tools to Create Free Amazing Logos in Minutes. There are many online tools to create Logos, but this post will present the best ones for their characteristics and functionalities below. You can check each one and choose the one that suits you best.

The Best 6 Recommended Tools to Create a Logo:


DesignEvo is a user-friendly online logo maker that comes with an intuitive and concise interface.
Once you are on the DesignEvo homepage, you can go to your logo design by clicking Make a Free logo. After that, you can select your logo layout from more than 10,000 templates.
Here you are on the logo edit page, then customize by changing the icons, design, shapes, colors, icons, color palette, etc. Perhaps the highlight of DesignEvo is the templates that have a very good finish allowing you to get a professional logo in minutes.
In terms of proportions, spacing, choice of colors, and fonts, the tool has excellent features.
The editor is very effortless to use, and it allows you to preview your logo in different mockups. Best of best, once you have saved your logo on your account, then you can edit it whenever.

Wix Logo Maker:

The platform specialized in creating web pages also offers an artificial intelligence tool to create logos in a few minutes. It is perfect for designing your brand image yourself through free and easy-to-use tools.
It is a 100% online tool, and you do not need to download any program.
One of this logo maker’s great advantages is that it intends for people who do not know design.
Artificial Intelligence system that selects logo templates adapted to your preferences from an intelligent form. There are two kinds of purchasing systems. It is $20 per time for the basic plan and 50 for the advanced plan for buying the logo alone. Also, you can buy your logo and the website.

Tailor Brands:

Tailor Brands allows you to create logos online in minutes assisted by an artificial intelligence guide.
Using Tailor Brands is very simple and intuitive. It offers a very extensive icon library. You can Customize the layout with a variety of typography, color palette, and image editing features. The creation and customization process shows you up to 6 preliminary logos for you to choose from.
logo maker
logo maker
Once you do with the design, you can download your logo for free in low resolution with a restricted license for non-commercial use.
If you need to access a high-resolution version of your logo, you will have to pay.

Canva Logo Maker:

Canva is a famous design platform with a few options for creating logos that makes anyone a potential graphic designer. Unlike other tools, it does not offer the AI guidance system, but you do have a host of options to achieve professional-quality layouts in print format for free or at a very affordable price.
Compared to other options, it reaches the greatest level of customization and high-resolution finishes, but you will not get template recommendations.
You will have at your disposal illustrations, icons, fonts, texts, images, and the alternative to create your color palette and apply gradients to drawings and background shapes. The templates available for Logos are a bit sparse. But the icon library is one of the most extensive you will get, and many of them are free.
The best point is that Canva will be free, and you can pay for premium resources from the library for an animated version of the logo or download a high-resolution version in transparent PNG.

Hatchful Logo Maker:

Also known as Hatchful is a free logo maker that you can use for free, even without having an online store with Shopify.
free logo maker
free logo maker
In this case, the system does not use artificial intelligence, so you will not get recommendations based on your interests.
The default templates offer different styles of fonts, colors, and icons to edit, but not all offer the same level of customization, and you can only tell by using them one by one. The editor functions are rather basic compared to the other tools this post listed.
About the rights of use, the terms are a bit ambiguous, leaving it to your responsibility to verify if the use of some elements infringes on a third party’s rights.

Squarespace Logo Maker:

It is a tool from the renowned website creation platform you can use by accessing the logo editor and placing your company’s name. In the beginning, the system offers you a blank grid with simple and useful tools to create the logo by dragging objects and modifying colors and fonts.
wix logo maker
Wix logo maker
Squarespace Logo Maker is a recommended option for those who have some design notion, as there are no default templates or suggestions of elements. So your criteria will be what leads you to achieve a design from scratch.
This tool uses one of the largest icon libraries of all, The Noun Project, with almost two million elements, so finding something you like will be possible.
Once you have finished the design, you can download it in PNG format with color, black and white transparency, and high resolution, completely free. But keep in mind that it does not save designs, and there is no access to vector design formats.


There you have it. The best tools to create logos with different alternatives for designing, editing, and downloading files. Which one do you choose?

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