what is python used for? A Complete Guide For The New Babies.

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Python is the most in-demand programming language nowadays. Its use in a variety of areas. Almost all the big tech giants use python for their different applications. Due to its simplicity and easy-to-use structure it has become the most popular language among programmers.
Python is an object-oriented programming language. It is currently the most widely used multi-purpose and high–level programming language. As with any other programming language python also has its own building blocks. If you want to learn python then one must first start with learning the building blocks of language. Python is not as difficult to learn as other programming languages due to its readability and debugging process. As most of the syntax write in simple English language, it makes it easier for one to understand.

It Is created by Guido Van Rossum. It was first released on Feb 20, 1991. Since then it has evolved a lot. Many contributors around the world have contributed to developing python further. Due to its open-source nature, anyone can contribute. We all know python as a large scale but the python programming language did not get its name from there. Instead, the name has come from an old BBC television comedy series named “ Monty Python’s Flying Circus.”

what is python programming used for
what is python programming used for

Attributes on which python base:

This is base on the following attributes:
  • It is easy to use and at the same time, it is as powerful as other programming languages.
  • It bases on open source technology so anyone can contribute.
  • Easily understandable code as written in plain English. It’s just like reading the English language.
  • The extensive library makes it easier to write code.
  • It is suitable for everyday tasks as it requires very little development time.
These are the attributes upon which python base. These attributes make python stand apart from its competitors making it the most widely used programming language. It is suitable for every type of task.

Features of python:

Due to its ease and cost-effectiveness, many scientists and big companies have switched to python. Python uses almost everywhere. Every programmer whether an experienced one or a novice wants to learn python. Every programmer fascinates by python. So what are features that make python so in demand and unique? Let’s discuss the features which make python so popular.
  1. It is basically an easy and readable language.
  2. Programs are less complex as compared to other programming languages like Java, C++.
  3. Based on open source technology so anyone can contribute to its development.
  4. It is currently the most widely used high-level programming language.
  5. Based on an object-oriented programming approach.
  6. Its uses in almost everyday tasks.
  7. Its uses by almost all tech giants like Facebook, Google, NASA, Amazon, Instagram, etc.
  8. It provides a programmer with a huge library.
All these features make python unique which makes programmers fall in love with python.

Where is python use?

Python uses almost every day and everywhere. It is quite a popular and versatile programming language. From using complex internet applications like social- media, cloud storage to developing everyday applications. It uses everywhere.
Let’s discuss the areas in which python use. It uses in:
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Data analytics
  • Web development
  • Gaming
  • Data science
  • Building application
  • Finance
It uses in a variety of areas. Let’s discuss everything in detail.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning:

Being easy to code, Python uses largely in developing AI and machine learning. It provides a rich library for AI and ML. AIs are basically machines that develop themselves with inputs from the data. Python provides an excellent framework for developing AI and machine learning applications. From the start of the project to its development, implementation, and maintenance, the python programming language provides everything. Few examples of machine learning are facial recognition, online fraud detection, automatic translation services to name a few.

what is python language used for
what is python language used for
Data analytics:
With the advent of technology, there is more data than ever. With more data available, there is an urgent need to collect, organize and maintain that data. It does this job perfectly. Due to its simplicity, easier to read, and well-supported library python uses widely in data analytics as well. It gets really easy to manipulate data when you are working in python. It makes working with large amounts of data relatively easier.
Web- development:
Python uses in web development also. There are many frames- works available in python for web- development. Python provides extensive libraries and database access which makes it widely used in the field of web development. There are many websites made in python like Spotify, Reddit, and Mozilla.
Like web- a development it is also used in gaming. It provides an array of tools and libraries for game development. Python has been used for developing many popular games like Mount and blade, sims 4, the world of tanks to name a few.
Data science:
It is widely used for data science. It makes it relatively easier to handle the data when there are large chunks of data. The well-supported python framework makes it quite easier to handle large amounts of data. Due to its flexibility, it is easier to manipulate the data and carry out repetitive tasks.
Building applications:
Almost all kinds of applications can builts in python. From the applications that we use every day to complex internet applications, all can builts in python. Building applications in python is quiet and flexible.what is python used for
Due to its vast libraries and ease of working with big data sets, python prefers in the finance industry as well. Many financial institutions are switching to python for building futuristic finance applications. It is quite an important tool in determining asset price trends and predictions.
Python is a straightforward and versatile programming language at the same time. Programmers easily fall in love with python due to the increased productivity it provides and use of ease. The programs are generally easy to write and there is no compilation required. It uses the edit test debug cycle. Due to its vast libraries and excellent frameworks python uses in a variety of areas. It can use for building small applications to complex internet applications. Almost all tech giants like Google, Amazon, etc use python for their different application development.

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