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Louis Vuitton Men Belt Review | See Before You Buy.

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What’s going on Reader I am back with another blog and right now I’m doing a Louis Vuitton men belt review. If you don’t know I dropped a vlog explaining why I kind of sold all my sneakers my other belts. My supreme all my stuff like that I kind of sold all that stuff. You know I want to work my blog my Reader my content work on myself a little bit.

I wanted to the future resell:

But at the same time, I still have my Louis Vuitton belts, because I wasn’t going to get the resale price. I wanted to in the future resell them not they’re really beautiful belts at the same time. I still find all that stuff dope very cool. If I have a friend that would let me unbox review their sneakers their supreme their belts whatever it may be:

Let me roll the intro so this is the Louis Vuitton men belt:

I’m going to try to do that get some content out for you guys. So if you guys enjoy that please smash that like button subscribe drop a comment. I appreciate that but yeah let’s unbox and review Louis Vuitton men’s belt right now. Let me roll the intro so this is the Louis Vuitton men’s belt.louis vuitton belt bag mens
I don’t know if they change the bags. All the time usually keep it with this a regular bag every once in a while around the different seasons. They change it up so that’s kind of cool little things like that you know. Louis Vuitton, so right here we have a nice box. I kept the ribbon on it because you know but yeah nice little box. If you don’t know this is what it looks like.

So this is the Louis Vuitton admire:

So let’s open this thing up, so this is the Louis Vuitton admire. I got this belt-like four years ago like three-four years ago. I want to say very beautiful belt backing super dope super clean. The stitching is immaculate I don’t know if you can see this right in pictures.

The Louis Vuitton belts will only say made in Spain:

See it says Louis Vuitton made in France. A lot of people have a misconception that the Louis Vuitton belts will only say made in Spain. That is not true that is just not true most of the time. I think they will say made in Spain but this one got it at the Louis Vuitton store. I even asked the lady I was like aren’t they supposed to say made in Spain and she was like no this.

Louis Vuitton men belt this is a Louis Vuitton monogram very nice very beautiful belt:

Louis Vuitton store about so get it together. So that’s something to take into consideration. So I do want to show you guys a comparison right now. Here is my other Louis Vuitton men belt this is a Louis Vuitton monogram very nice very beautiful belt. I said didn’t want to sell these weren’t going to get the price. I was looking for and these belts are so beautiful. So it’s very hard to let go of them but for the rest of me, you know the designer.

$500 really expensive Belt:

Clothing and all my shoes and supreme and all that stuff. I sold all of it not really into that stuff anymore in this blog. I wanted to talk about why you should be careful with buying this kind of flimsy. Belt from Louis Vuitton for about five hundred dollars and while you should. If you’re going to buy a Louis Vuitton men’s belt like I said $500 is expensive. Probably, not the best Investment at the time.

I understand Christmas is coming up treat yourself nice:

I was young I wanted to buy it. I understand you know it’s what it is if that’s one of your goals right now is to buy yourself a Louis Vuitton men belt. I understand Christmas is coming up treat yourself nice do the right thing. I understand but this belt you can just see it’s made out of a different cowhide. This is like coated so this is a coated cowhide.
And this is I believe not a coated let me see the other one is a textile intuit into it. So I don’t know technically what that means but this is very very firm. If you can see the holes I’ll try to get the holes are dude. Look at that that’s the hole I wear it at absolutely perfect take into consideration that. I have not worn this belt out but you can see that.

Louis Vuitton belts are absolutely beautiful:

It’s very like clean holes don’t get me wrong. I haven’t worn it much but still like it’s flimsy. This is made to kind of tear more and the coated fabric is made with a much better material all that being said. I think Louis Vuitton belts are absolutely beautiful. I do think you know designer clothes are very much overpriced. It’s not worth the bang for its buck.mens black louis vuitton belt

Get the coated fabric of the cowhide leather:

That’s what your goal is right now to get something like that understood. I’m not going to hate that everybody’s focused on different goals at different times. So it’s just what it is so you do want to get the coated fabric of the cowhide leather. That’s the one that I would recommend just for a long longevity use. If you’re going to wear it.
A lot if you’re going to wear it you know once a week once every two weeks. Whatever, if you’re going to wear the belt-like maybe if you wear it every day. I would still go with this one rather than you know the kind of flimsy. I said beautiful belts do what you got to do if this is your goal right now. I wish you the best of luck Louis Vuitton is very beautiful nice.
Material like I said if you enjoyed this blog try to keep it simple nice. I’ll show you a little tip the first thing that I notice. If a belt’s fake or not so if you want to buy it like use or something like that for the most part besides all the stitching. Usually, there should be no problems in the stitching you got to figure out. The serial number you should probably check that all out this belt.

People say belts made in France so consider that:

I believe says this one says made in Spain. So and the other one says made in France so consider that but on the monogram. You’ll see the pattern you’ll see Louis v pattern and then loot the emblem on the lv on the belt. Itself that’s the go-to for you know you’re stepping in the right direction of an authentic belt.mens brown louis vuitton belt
At least a good fake and then for the monogram. It’s a little bit more complicated this Louis Vuitton symbol should be five and a half blocks over. From right here this should be one and a half blocks over a lot of times. You’ll see fake ones where it’s cut off right off at the block. It’s got like a half block or just like these things.

Little thing right here says, Louis Vuitton:

Centered in the middle this is exactly. How it should be just like this if you count it half one and a half two and a half three and a half four and a half five. A half blocks that’s go-to and then between this Louis this little thing right here says Louis Vuitton.
Final Remarks:
I think that’s ten blocks over but everybody hopes you found this blog nice and informative. I hope you watched this blog before you bought the belt so you could have liked it. A little bit better idea of what you’re looking for but yeah. I wish you guys the best of luck you know Christmas is coming around happy holidays to everybody. Hope you guys can you know get your belt do what you got to do.

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