What Are The Benefits Of An Open Exhibition Stand?

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If you own a company, there can be chances that you have to attend trade shows or exhibitions at different places. Now the thing is what are the important things that you should consider related to the designing of exhibition stands. As there will be many brands gathered there which will act like your competitors. You have to look unique to stand out from others.
One of the important things that whirl around the stand is the layout and the method which makes access to the booth for the visitors. Often, the real layout will depend on the floor space you have offered. The most common are row and wall stands that are easily accessible from the hall passage. In case the space provided to you is at the end of the row, you need to go with the corner stand or the one which is open on the 2 sides and has 2 walls.
The open exhibition stand designs are a new trend in the industry that has gained popularity for a few years. This is a preferred choice by the companies who have a goal of making big smacks. In earlier times, open exhibition stands were not considered good enough due to the difficult management and absence of wall space. Then what made it so popular? Its benefits made it approved!

Ease Of Access:

The main reason why companies have started using open exhibition stand designs is the ease of access. This factor makes it more appealing and attracts visitors. One-side open stands may cause difficulty in blocking some of the specific parts of the display and that is why open designs are easily reachable.
When the visitors walk through the display, they will get a clear look at the products and displays without facing any difficulty. One of the issues associated with such a type of stand design is that it should have enough staff and the company needs to ensure that every visitor will attend to it equally. As every visitor will describe their needs, your stand should be accessible for everyone’s needs.

modular display systems
modular display systems

Unique Stand:

Another big factor that contributes to its enhanced popularity is its allowance to the exhibitors to stand unique from their competitors. Instead of having a design that stands against a wall, the open exhibition stands will place in the middle of the trade show floor which will push the visitors to have a look. Many of the companies, who have high profiles, prefer to use modular display systems at the trade shows. They believe that this will definitely create a big impact on a particular show, just because they specify a level of esteem.

Customized Designs:

When we talk about open exhibition design, they allow the companies to explore a wide range of prospects related to the actual stand design. That is why they serve as a striking option for those businesses who are ready to pay a high amount to get a customized display. The elements which were earlier considered as the flaws for open exhibition stands now have a different prospect. They are now considered as a good chance for the designers and brands who have turned into USPs at their shows.
modular display systems
modular display systems
Since they are getting a patent amount of floor space in such cases, along with the benefit of creative free-standing presentation furniture, this can give them the opportunity to make stunning designs to attract visitors. If you are planning to get a customized exhibition stand, it will take a longer time to build, meaning you have to provide more notice, and more effort will need for set-up.


You can now stand out from the crowd by using an open exhibition stand design. How it benefits you is by allowing you to accent particular brand values in such a way that is tough to achieve in those traditional designs. Exhibition stand design companies are strong enough to stand out from the crowd and competitors. It sends a clear message to the visitors that the brand is open and ready to welcome all. You can make it more appealing by using visuals, graphics, and brand messages within the design of the stand.
Bottom Lines:
When you are attending an exhibition, it becomes important that you stand differently in the crowd. If you fail to do so, hardly any of the visitors show interest in your booth and they will move on to the next presenter. So, you will get a limited enjoy the trade show. No matter if you are a beginner or regular exhibitor, the importance of display is the same for all. Set clear goals, maximize the visibility, use most of the allotted space, add-on graphics for appeal, and put in place the right technology!

modular display systems
modular display systems

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