6 Must-Have Baby Toys for the First Year

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Don’t you think it’s too nerve-wracking to choose the right toy for the baby’s first year when the market already provides you with extensive options?
The baby’s first year is the most important in his entire life. It’s a year full of growth and learning, and toys play a very major role in shaping their growth and contributing to their development. Most of the time parents end up choosing the toys which are most common among kids of similar age, but you need to consider that babies can have different likes and dislikes. So, if you want to see your kids and develop to become good human beings, then you have to be very picky while choosing the right toys.
We know it’s overwhelming to choose the right toy for your baby, but if you don’t know which one should you buy then, we have come up with a list of 6 toys that you must have for your baby’s first year. All of them you can get from babies’ online store.
Softball toys come with many benefits in the first year of babies, and all children love to play with softballs. Babies enjoy tossing, rolling, catching, and dribbling with balls. So softball toys prove to be the most resourceful asset that you can buy for your baby. Softballs contribute to the improvement of motor skills in kids. They also help kids develop hand-eye coordination that further improves timing. Introducing softball toys to your babies at a very early age is very important for developmental progression. It’s a must-have toy if you want your baby to be in control of his movements and develop muscle strength.Baby Toys

2. Stuffed Toys:

It’s a must-have toy for the babies of the first year. Babies love to cuddle toys as they find them their best friends. You will see that a toy plays a vital role in making them more imaginative. So a stuffed toy, in a similar way is the best imaginary companion to kids and they love spending time with their toys. Stuffed toys play a crucial role in relieving stress and anxiety in babies. They keep them more calm and composed. For the babies of the first year, the world around them can be scary and uncertain, so in those situations stuffed toys make them feel less alone and familiar.

3. Baby Gym:

A baby gym is one of the best baby toys online that you should never miss out on if you are looking for some great toys for first-year babies. It’s one of the most versatile toys with a bunch of benefits for growth and development. A baby gym toy helps babies grow their gross motor skills by encouraging them to develop their legs, back, arms, legs, and neck. Along with it, it improves hand-eye coordination and boosts cognitive development. It’s a toy you should not miss out on.Baby Toys

4. Teething Rings:

Teething usually starts in babies between 5 months and 10 months, so teething toys prove the safest when learn to chew. Babies love to munch their toys, their either put them in their mouth or chew and bite them. So teething is the most important phase in the child’s development, and thus teethers are the best toys that make the process of teething more comfortable for babies.

5. Plush Toys:

Plush toys are a great way to help babies learn language skills. Babies love to talk to their toys, as they consider them their close friends. It’s a must-have toy to help babies manage emotions and practice social skills. additionally, plush toys provide comfort to babies in times when the world around them seems scary and uncertain.Baby Toys

6. Baby Mirrors:
Babies in their first year are very active and they love interacting with people around them. But it can be very scary when they are all alone. So a baby mirror is a must-have toy if you want them to be comfortable and feel protective. They also play a vital role in the development of motor skills and visual tracking skills.
Along with some great toys, you can also buy some of the best nappies, and good clothes to keep them fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

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