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What to wear for a fall prom night?

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We wanted to make the prom night of our readers special. And we couldn’t think of better ideas than sharing with you some tips on what to wear when it’s fall!
Everyone knows that this period is cold enough for all kinds of clothes, but let’s go deep into the details and see together which are the suitable outfits for a prom night this year!

What to wear for a fall prom night?

First of all, prom dresses are always the perfect option to go in, especially when you can combine them with a nice coat or jacket. These kinds of clothes will give exactly the right look for your prom night. 
It’s important to remember that they don’t have to be bright but they should be elegant! Shoes are also really important even if prom is a special night you have to do something extra to look perfect for this great party.
Of course, prom pictures will be the best way to remember this special date and we can assure you that they’ll be unforgettable once your friends start sharing them on the internet.

What not to wear for a fall prom night?

We know prom is a special night and that everyone wants to look perfect in prom pictures, but we have some “don’ts” you shouldn’t forget: dresses with horizontal stripes will make you look fatter than you really are and overall too bright clothes can reduce your charisma!
Dress, Orange, Fifteen Year'S Dress
The good news for those who want to wear something different than prom dresses is that t-shirts are back! Yes, t-shirts are prom dresses for this prom night. We hope you’ll celebrate prom night in the best way with our tips and ideas about prom dresses!

Fall fashion trends that are perfect for the season:

Fall fashion trends that are perfect for the season are the following:
– Dresses with lace sleeves
– Frocks/Ankle-length prom dresses 
– Short prom dresses with jackets
– Peplum prom dresses 
– Cocktail prom dresses in jackets
– Maxi prom dresses in jackets
– Velvet prom dresses
– Lace prom dresses

Fall makeup ideas:

Makeup for prom is also really important! You have to remember that prom night is a special night because you’ll be photographed.
And this means that you need perfect makeup if you don’t want photos of you looking bad go around on the internet and destroy your prom night forever.Princess, Dress, Outdoors, Walking

Some fall makeup ideas will help you look beautiful for prom night:

  • The smokey eyes makeup will become a classic in this prom season and we can assure you it’s the perfect option to make prom pictures look amazing.
  • A sparkling nude lipstick is an easy and quick way to give your prom look something really special. Just make sure the glitter is not too much!
  • Fall prom makeup is an option to consider if you want to look more glamorous. But keep in mind that prom photos are still what counts most so don’t exaggerate with the amount of makeup!
  • If you like prom dresses with long sleeves but find them too formal, ask for help from your prom makeup artist who’ll know the best way to make your prom look perfect.
We wish all our readers a prom night they will never forget and prom pictures they’ll be showing to their grandchildren. We hope that prom dresses will make you look perfect for prom night!

How to make your hair look great on prom night:

  • Prom hairstyles are also really important even if this is not a statement prom dress. Don’t forget that prom pictures will be the best way to remember this special night, so don’t let your prom hairstyle ruin your prom outfit choice.
  • A classic prom updo hairstyle is always a prom dress perfect option to go in. But prom hair shouldn’t be too tight because prom is also a party and you’ll need to dance!Posing, Against The Wind, Brunette
  • If you want your prom hairstyle to look nice, ask for help from a professional makeup artist or hairdresser who’ll know the best way to make your prom ready!
  • prom hairstyles with prom accessories can also be great if you want to look unique. Just make sure the prom accessories don’t become the main focus of your prom makeup!


Be sure to plan ahead and have a fall-themed outfit ready so you can feel your best on a prom dress. Keep in mind, the weather is unpredictable this time of year! Check out our blog for tips on how to dress warmly without compromising style. 

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