Breakout Your Camera, It’s Wedding Season

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  • Here comes the bride,
  • Laden in white,
  • A vision, a beauty,
  • What a breathtaking sight

Does the air seem different to you? As if there is love and warmth everywhere you look. I’m not surprised, it’s wedding season after all!

We all know that most people pick weddings in spring. The season is full of love, growth, and blossoming into one’s true self. It has ‘wedding’ written all over it

Weddings may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but one thing I know for sure is that everybody wants to get married. Deep down, we all hope to find our soulmates. Someone that we can call our own and spend a lifetime with.

If you’re one of the lucky few who have found your other half then make sure you do not take them for granted. Celebrate this bond and what better way to do so than by throwing a wedding?

Everything You Need To Know About Weddings:

I don’t know about you but most of my knowledge about weddings comes from movies. Movies like ‘Bride Wars’ and ‘The Wedding Planner’ made me believe that weddings were all about drama. After working as a wedding photographer in the twin cities, I have realized that though weddings are about 50% drama, the rest of it includes planning, execution, and a sorted mindset.

wedding photographer
wedding photographer

Lucky for you, I have done my research, and combining that with my experience makes me a bit of a pro when it comes to weddings.

I’m going to give you a rundown of the things you absolutely need to include on your checklist so that you can enjoy a stress-free wedding.

The Wedding Date:

Now let’s suppose you’ve gotten engaged and it’s time to decide when to have the wedding. The wedding date is what everything else will revolve around. For example, if you choose to have a wedding in winter, then you’d have to think about having a wedding in a place that has heaters and you would also have to rethink your outfit options.

This is one of the most important decisions you will make so take your time and pick a date that works for you.

The Wedding Venue:

After picking a date, the next step is to look at venues that are available the day of the wedding.

wedding photographer

Check out all kinds of halls, farmhouses, wineries, and pick the one that speaks to you. If you like a place and it’s unavailable, you can always think about changing the date of your wedding. These two steps usually go hand in hand. Once you decide on a venue, make sure to give a deposit or make a booking so that you don’t end up venue-less on the day of the wedding.

A Wedding Photographer:

As a wedding photographer myself, I can not emphasize any more how important it is to hire a talented wedding photographer. I would even go the extra mile and say pay a few extra bucks, shorten your guest list, but hire someone who knows their job.

A photographer is the only person at the wedding who is working to keep your wedding day alive in the form of pictures. Each click they take, each smile they capture will help create your wedding album. A book full of love and happiness, kind of like your own fairytale.

wedding photographer
wedding photographer

Before booking a photographer, why not meet them for coffee and see if they match your vibe? If you want phenomenal pictures then you need a photographer around who you can be your true self. Pick wisely!

A Wedding In Photos:

Wedding planning can have its ups and downs but you better buckle up and get ready for anything. Trust me, after the wedding, when you get your album, you’ll have nothing but a bright smile on your face. Seeing everything in front of you, from a different perspective, will be overwhelming.

Wishing you all married lives full of love and respect!

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